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How to tell a fake or genuine Omega watch

fake or genuine Omega watch

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What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Omega watch? Our guide will list the key clues to look for so you can avoid the counterfeits.

Here you will find identifying features that will help you to distinguish original Omega watches and chronographs from counterfeits or copies.

There are only a very few trustworthy online shops for new Omega watches, so if you are in doubt, ask for a money-back guarantee — or stay away! 

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Best ways to tell a fake or genuine Omega watch

Omega face

Omega watches are equipped with an excellently crafted dial, which is usually only partially or insufficiently imitated. Socketed indices, which are equipped with a luminescent material, mostly provide the decisive proof that it is a counterfeit watch of this brand. Also, as with the counterfeits already mentioned, in most cases the hands are too short for Omega imitations. 

After the well-known lettering Omega, the reference to this model – such as Geneve, DeVille or Seamaster – and the Omega emblem, the reference to the well-known movement, as well as automatic or quartz, is usually described for some. Indications like Antimagnetic or Incabloc indicate that you have a copy in front of you.

Omega movement

Omega watches are always marked with the brand name in the form of an engraving without exception. If this engraving is missing, you can be sure that it is a copy. If you request an image of the movement when purchasing but the seller wants to withhold it from you, there are doubts that it is an original. Always let the clockwork show, because you are on the safe side.

Omega engraving in the glass

In addition to vintage watches (around 1970), a small Omega logo is usually engraved or lasered into the center of the glass, which you cannot see very well with the naked eye. In principle, however, it should be present in new models unless the glass has not been replaced properly.

Omega bracelet

In any case, always pay attention to the quality of the bracelet, because counterfeiters tend to be stupid and use little high-quality material.