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How to tell a fake or genuine Louis Vuitton bag

fake or genuine Louis Vuitton bag

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What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Louis Vuitton bag? Our illustrated guide and list of serial codes will ensure you don’t get cheated by a counterfeit.

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Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeited brand in the world. Most of the web shops that Louis Vuitton offers are not official dealers and sell used LVs or source the goods from other sources. Especially in marketplaces like eBay, you should check a Louis Vuitton bag very carefully to make sure that it is not a Louis Vuitton fake. Here it is important to ensure that the bag is offered with the eBay guarantee and that you have a right of withdrawal.

Ways to tell a fake or genuine Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton bag with monogram canvas

Original Louis Vuitton monogram canvas detail
The Mongram canvas pattern was developed by Louis Vuitton as early as the nineteenth century. A Louis Vuitton bag with a monogram of canvas is not made from leather, but from a vinyl-soaked cotton fabric that is printed with the monogram, so the material is one of the besy ways to tell a fake or genuine Louis Vuitton bag. The material is significantly more resistant to dirt and abrasion than leather.

As with Louis Vuitton leather bags, it is also important for canvas to take a close look at the material in order to distinguish it from a fake. If you have not yet held an original Louis Vuitton bag in your hand, it will be more difficult to assess the authenticity. Therefore check the material, its surface and structure, as well as the monogram according to the features described now:

Distinguishing features to tell a fake or genuine Louis Vuitton bag

surfacelooks rather mattmostly shiny or reflective
Structure / surface of
the material
runs horizontallyusually very rough or very fine
materialfeels firm when new and softens with increasing usefeels stiff and hardly changes with use
Color of
the monogram
the color is rather subtle beige (can
change with the age of the bag)
the color of the monogram often appears strong to yellow
Alignment of the monogramFor LV bags with full canvas (e.g. Speedy) the LV monogram can be read correctly on one side of the bag. The monogram is upside down on the other side of the bag.In the case of counterfeits, the monogram is often aligned at an angle to the seam.
Canvas edgeThe canvas is almost always cut or sewn on the pattern (flower) and rarely on the LV letteringWith fakes it often happens that the LV monogram is cut on

Louis Vuitton bag: leather, hardware and straps

Original Louis Vuitton leather strap
The edges of the canvas as well as the bag straps and bag straps are made of leather. Untreated, leather is very sensitive and changes its appearance with increasing use. Therefore Louis Vuitton seals the edges of the leather applications. Pay attention to these features:

featureoriginalFake / fake
materialReal leather, the color is a light beige.
The use of how to carry and sun changes the look of a Louis Vuitton bag and and the leather becomes darker and gets a so-called patina.
Either synthetic leather or dyed leather. Often appears
artificial and does not get a patina.
Seam sealingThe seam or cut edge is protected by a dark red seal
. You can still easily recognize the leather despite the seal.
The seal is partly missing
or the color is unnaturally red. The seam edge of synthetic leather is very smooth.
The seams The seams are always straight and evenly spaced from the leather and canvas. The thread ends do not hang out and are sewn cleanly. The stitch width is absolutely regular. Seams are inaccurate or crooked. The threads are processed improperly or labels are sewn in crooked.

Louis Vuitton zippers, tags and embossments

Recognize original Louis Vuitton zipper
featureoriginalFake / fake
Embossed Louis VuittonEach LV bag shows an embossing / print in this form:®
made in FranceHowever, other countries are also possible (see data code).
Even if it is a color print, it is embossed and felt in the leather.
The font is dirty, crooked, or is misspelled. The embossing is not available. Color loosens or is printed uncleanly.
 zipper “Louis Vuitton” is neatly engraved and legible. Exception: zippers older models (before the 90s) have no brand engraving, but come from suppliers such as YKK or Eclair.The surface is peeling off. The logo is engraved improperly or is difficult to read. The edges are processed improperly.

Louis Vuitton Date Code

Louis Vuitton Bag Date Code & Country Code
Louis Vuitton bags (with the exception of suitcases and limited editions) do not have serial numbers. Instead, date codes are attached to the type label on the inside of the bag or directly on the inner lining or leather. The date code describes the place of manufacture and the date of manufacture of the Louis Vuitton handbag. They are not used to ensure authenticity. With the exception of early handbags (early 1980s and older), date codes can be found on almost all Louis Vuitton handbags and other luxury brand items (e.g., glasses).
Most codes are a combination of letters and numbers. The two letters describe the country of manufacture. The numbers describe the production date.

Fake or genuine Louis Vuitton bag: Date code format by year of manufacture

yearDate code format (J = year, W = week, M = month, L = country of manufacture)example
before 1980no date code
1980-19903 numbers Format: YYM
4 numbers> Format: YYMM
2 letters 3 numbers> Format LLYYM
3 numbers 2 letters> Format: YYMLL
2 letters 4 numbers> Format: LLYYMM
4 numbers 2 letters> Format: YYMMLL
827 = July 1982
8311 = November 1983
AA854 = France, April 1985
869FC = USA, September 1986
TH8705 = France, May 1987
8906CA = Spain, June 1989
1990 – 20072 letters 4 numbers> Format: LLMJMJFL1905 = France, October 1995
since 20072 letters 4 numbers> Format: LLWJWJCR4144 = Spain week44 2014

Note : Louis Vuitton bags with an existing date code can also be fake, because the product pirates always produce better qualities. If the code is missing, however, you can assume that it is a fake.

Original Louis Vuitton country codes

The country code describes the production location of the plant in which the Louis Vuitton product was manufactured. Louis Vuitton currently produces in the following countries:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

The country code is always composed of two letters.

IMPORTANT : Please note that the country of manufacture of the embossing “made in …” and the translated country code must always be identical!

Country code by country of manufacture

France: A0, A1, A2, AA, AH, AN, AR, AS, AX, BA, BJ, BU, CT, CV, DR, DU, ET, FL, GR, IT, LW, MB, MS, MI, NO, RA, RE (also for Italy), RI, SA (also for Italy), SD (also for USA), SF, SL, SN, SP, SR, TA, TH, TJ, TN, TR, TS, VI , VI
USA: FC, FH, OS, SD (also for France), LA, FL
Spain: CA, CR, GI, LB, LM, LO, LW
Italy: BO, CE, FA, FO, RE, MA, NQ , PL, RC, RO, SA (also for France), ST, TD
Switzerland: DI, FA (also for Italy)
Germany: LP, OL

Ambiguous country codes

BA: mostly France, individual models also for Spain
CA: mostly Spain, but with some Vernis from 1999 also for France
FC: USA bags from the 80s
LA: USA bags, but is no longer used (published by Boulogne 30, Montsouris Moyen, Papillon 26, Speedy 30, Pochette Orsay)
SD: for France (for bags before 1995) then SD was used for the USA

Louis Vuitton country codes by model series

Letters AI

A2 (France) Mono Canvas, Epi
AA (France) Mono Canvas, Vernis, Damier Ebene
AH (France) Empriente, Damier Ebene
AR (France) Mono Canvas, CB, Damier Canvas, Epi, LV Cup, Suhali
AS (France) Suhali , Epi, Vernis, Mini Lin
AX (France) Mono Canvas
BA (France) Mat Mono, Vernis, CB, Damier Ebene, Mono Canvas, Damier Azur
BJ (France) Mat Mono, Epi, Vernis
BU (France) Mono Canvas
CA ( Spain) Mono Canvas, CB, Epi, Mini Mono, Vernis, MC, Damier Canvas, Mat Mono, Damier Azur, Suhali, Glace, Groom
CE (Italy) Vernis, Damier Sauvage
CR (Spain) Damier Canvas
CT (France) Mono Canvas , Cerises, Mono Groom, Damier Canvas
CV (France) Mono Canvas
DR (France) Vernis, Damier Canvas
DU (France) Mono Canvas, Mono Mirage, Damier Canvas
ET (France) Mono Canvas
FC (USA) Mono Canvas
FA (Switzerland, Italy) Monte Carlo Loafer, Damier Azur ballerinas
FH (USA) Mono Canvas
FL (France, USA) Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Mono Denim, Epi, Vernis, Damier Azur Canvas
FO (Italy) Damier Lune, Paris
GI (Spain) Mono Canvas, Damier Ebene

Letters I – P

IT (France) Epi
JA (France) Patent sandal
LA (USA) Monogram
LM (Spain) Mat Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Suhali
LW (Spain) Vernis
MA (Italy) Balmoral Heels
MB (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas, Damier Azur, Mono Charms, Mono Motard, Idylle
MI (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Mat Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Damier
Azur, Mono Dentelle, MC, Damier Centenaire, Mono Perfo, Cerises
MS (France)
PL (Italy) Motard Minaudiere

Letters Q – Z

RA (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas
RC (Italy) Mono Denim, Nimbus
RI (France) Vernis, Tobago
SA (Italy & France) Mono Canvas, Damier Azur
SD (USA & France) Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Damier Azur
SF (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas
SL (France) Mono Canvas, MC
SN (France) MC Wish Bracelet, Mini Mono Wish Bracelet, Vernis Wish Bracelet
SP (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Cerises, Damier Azur, Mono Perfo, Mirage, Mini Lin
SR (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, MC, Mono Satin, Epi, Vernis
TA (France) Mono Canvas
TH (France) CB, MC, Vernis, Mat Mono, Suhali, Damier Canvas, Mono Canvas, Damier Azur, Mono Mini, Epi, Mono Leopard
TJ (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas
TN (France) Mahina
TS (France) Vernis , Epi
TR (France) Vernis, Monogram Canvas
VI (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Damier Azur