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How to tell a fake or genuine Dior shirt: the clues to spot fake Dior

how to tell a fake or genuine Dior shirt

Ourlines how to tell a fake or genuine Dior shirt or t-shirt, including the top clues to examine to see if it is a fraudulent counterfeit.

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Christian Dior is one of the luxury world’s legendary brands, recognizable all the over the world. Of course, this also means it is counterfeited all around the world as well. And not just the bags and shoes… there is a strong trade in fake Dior clothing, particularly shirts and t-shirts. Below you will find the best ways for how to tell a fake or genuine Dior shirt, so you don’t get ripped off by sellers trying to push counterfeit items.

How to tell a fake or genuine Dior shirt

The Dior packaging

A genuine new Dior shirt or t-shirt will arrive in a Dior box, tied with ribbons, sent inside another heavy duty box, and often with a Dior card and a letter detailing what the item is. There will also be Dior tissue paper wrapping the shirt or tee, and this will be taped with a Dior sticker — NOT sticky tape. The shirt or tee will also have tissue paper inside it.

Dior documents

Accompanying this will be documentation on the Dior returns and exchanges procedure AND a returns form, just in case you need to change it. All the documentation will be in a Dior envelope.

Dior swing tag/price tag/model tag

Genuine Dior will come with a tag attached via a pin to the label at the back of the neck. The tag is folded in two, but there should not be any writing on the inside. The outside of the tag should have a bar code which, if you use the QR reader on your phone, should have a reading that corresponds either with the price or the style number.

Dior neck label

A genuine Dior shirt will have the label sewn along the top, or at the two top corners, but not down the sides, and the sewing often takes place as part of the neck construction. Doing it this way is high quaitty, and you will find Fake Dior t-shirts often have the label sewn down either end but not attached along the top. This is a sure sign of a fake. If you look closely at the stitches, you can often see some unevenness in the tension or length — again, another sign of a fake, as stitching like that would be rejected at Dior.

The edges of the fake tag will also feel slightly flimsy and look as if they could fray easily. Also, if the tag is creased or wrinkled, it is a sign of a counterfeit.

Dior care and manufacture label

The genuine Dior care label will be a double layered label with the care instructions in several languages over the two labels. This will always say either ‘Made in Italy’ or (only with some) ‘Made in France’ or Christian Dior Boutique Paris (see image above). If it is a single layer of care label, or it designates that it was made anywhere else, it is not a genuine Dior shirt.

The genuine care label’s fabric will also feel like it is high quality. If the label’s fabric feels flimsy, it is likely a fake.

Size tag

The genuine t-shirts will often have a small size label stitched into the overlocking of the seam separately up on the shoulder. They do not have the size written on a size tag next to the care label — that is a sign of a counterfeit Dior shirt.

Font on the Dior logo label

Dior’s logo is always stitched perfectly, with the letters in line and the embroidery flawless. If you can see any ‘wonkiness’ or irregularity with the brand name’s font on the label, it is definitely a fake and should be avoided.

Shirt construction

If it is a t-shirt, you will notice that the genuine Dior shirt has a distinctive dart sewn into the shoulder for a better fit. The counterfeit shirt will not have this.

Dior Logo on the shirt

If there is a logo or writing on the t-shirt, the lettering will always be flawlessly crisp and clean. Counterfeit shirts with screenprinting are often printed sloppily, so with a magnifying glass, you will be able to see tiny particles of excess ‘overpaint’ print that have ‘escaped’ and also tiny breaks in the edges of the letters. These are both signs that the t-shirt is a fake Dior not a genuine item of clothing.

Embroidered logos and letters will likewise be flawlessly finished, with no uneven threads or edges. Again, this is a good time to pull out the magnifying glass and have a nice close look. And any seller who doesn’t want to let you do that, should be avoided!

The spacing between the letters should also be perfect, as should their alignment at top and bottom. Any sign at all of irregularity is evidence that you are looking at a counterfeit.

Inside of the Dior shirt

People don’t normally look at the inside of the item, but this is where you can see flaws that indicate you are looking at a fake, and not the genuine item.

For a start, the stitching and overlocking on the all the seams should be neat and even, with no sign or irregular tension or any hanging threads. If you see these, it is a sure sign that the shirt is a fake.

The Dior fabric

Counterfeit shirts and t-shirts will often be made out of a cheaper fabric, that has a lot more stretch than the genuine item. And some will be polyester, even if the care tag says it is 100% cotton. You can generally tell polyester if you have a close smell of it, as it gives off an unpleasant odour.

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