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How to tell a fake or genuine Burberry bag

ways to tell a fake or genuine Burberry bag

What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Burberry bag? Our guide outlines the clues so you are not ripped off by counterfeiters.

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Burberry is one of the most important English traditional houses that still produce high-quality luxury goods today and have achieved worldwide fame. Thanks to hip brand ambassadors such as Cara Delevingne, the classic label has once again become very popular with the younger generation. No wonder! Burberry designs timeless classics of high quality that can be combined with chic outfits both in everyday life and at work. 

Burberry bags in particular are among the most sought-after accessories from the English label. Whether with the check pattern so typical of Burberry or in first-class leather: Burberry bagsare elegant and for everyone who loves the brand’s preppy look. A Burberry bag is the ideal companion to a classic trench coat and compliments the look perfectly.

Best ways to tell a fake or genuine Burberry bag

But why should you subject your Burberry bag to a fake check before buying it? Quite simply: The market for counterfeit designer goods is booming and the fakes are getting better and better. So that you can be sure of the authenticity of your Burberry bag, there are some indicators by which you can recognize an original. 

Since Burberry has been producing bags for over a century, there are always differences between the collections. There are no uniform identifying features that apply to all bags of the luxury label. In order to be able to distinguish an original from a fake, the interplay of all features is important. Our fake check shows you what to look for when buying a Burberry bag to be sure of its authenticity.


You think that a bag that claims to be an original “Burberrys” bag must definitely be a fake? After all, the well-known brand from England is called Burberry – without the s. Thought wrong. Both spellings can indicate an original Burberry bag. The label was founded in 1856 by the draper Thomas Burberry and started with the name “Burberry”

Shortly thereafter, however, the name was changed to “Burberrys’ of London” – for short simply as “Burberrys”. Only since 1999 have all of the label’s collections been brought out again under the name “Burberry”. Every second hand Burberry bag that was manufactured before 1999 can actually be an original. However, when buying a new Burberry bag, the old spelling must not be found. Then it’s: fake alarm and hands off, as this is one of the top ways to tell a fake or genuine Burberry bag!


Depending on whether you want to buy a bag that was produced before or after 1999, the logo of the Burberry bags also differs. Most bags that you can find on the second hand market, however, are marked with the current logo. The lettering is very classic in capital letters and each letter has certain peculiarities that are usually not implemented accurately in the case of forgeries. 

The old Burberrys of London logo has a different typology and is also not in pure capital letters. A closer look at the spelling can therefore serve as an indication of a fake Burberry bag. We’ll tell you what to look out for with the individual letters of the new Burberry logo:

  • B – the lower belly is slightly larger than the upper part
  • U – the left part of the arch is thicker than the right
  • R – the right leg of the letter has a slight curve at the end
  • E – the bottom line is slightly longer than the top one
  • Y – as with the U, the left part of the letter is thicker than the right

In addition to the font, the rider is also an important part of the logo of older Burberry bags. It is a medieval knight who rides a rearing horse and carries a lance flag with the inscription “Prorsum”. Burberry Prorsum has long been known as the label’s runway collection. Recently, however, this line has been called “Burberry Runway” .


Many of the second hand Burberry bags are made in the checkered pattern that is so typical of the brand. With regard to their pattern, the collections all differ somewhat in their color design and the thickness of their lines. In general, the check pattern of the Burberry bags is classic in beige, black and red, and is one of the clear ways to tell a fake or genuine Burberry bag. 

All Original Burberry bags with a check pattern are also processed in such a way that the pattern is applied symmetrically to the bag and does not start again after the seams, but rather follows the rest of the pattern in a uniform manner. In addition, the stripes of the check pattern themselves consist of thin, fine stripes. These lie diagonally to the actual pattern.

When buying a second-hand Burberry bag , this information can serve as an important authentication note. Many fake bags don’t pay attention to subtleties like these. Bags with a check pattern are only made from Burberry’s patented gabardine fabric. This is impregnated and thus water-repellent and particularly resistant.


As is so often the case with designer bags, there are also some indications in the inner lining of the Burberry bags as to whether you can trust the authenticity of the Burberry bag. Depending on the model, leather or metal labels are used on Burberry bags to attach the logo with Burberry lettering to the inner lining of the bag. 

There are many different versions – everything is possible here, from oval to rectangular signs. Burberry has not followed a uniform pattern over the years, so it is difficult to use the labels as an authentication feature. However, one thing is certain: every label on a real Burberry bag is clean and straight. The logo labels are either sewn in with fine stitches or glued in. Under no circumstances will you find a crooked label or adhesive residue on an original Burberry bag. These are indicators of poor processing, as can often be found in fakes.

In the inner lining of the Burberry bags you will also find a sewn-in that reveals the production location of the bag. All older models were made exclusively in Italy and are labeled with the “Made in Italy” logo. New models of Burberry bags are now also being manufactured in other countries around the world. 

The current collections all contain a white label which, in addition to the country of manufacture, also contains an item number and information about the material of the Burberry bag. If you cannot find this sewn-in on a new bag, you can doubt the authenticity of the Burberry bag with a high degree of certainty.


Burberry is a traditional company that has always focused on high quality. This is evident not only in clothing but also in accessories such as Burberry bags. Each Burberry bag is made of high quality materials and has solid seams. If you hold a model in your hands with loose or crooked seams, the alarm bells may sound. 

An original Burberry bag has the right to high quality workmanship. With very old second hand models it can of course be the case that a thread has come loose due to wear and tear. Then you have to switch to other identifying features to find out the authenticity of the Burberry bag.


Burberry bags are high-quality luxury items. It is understandable that the products also have their price. For a new Burberry bag you have to spend between € 475 and € 26,000 – depending on the model and material of the bag. 

The high-priced bags in the five-digit range are made from exclusive materials such as alligator leather. If you come across offers that want to offer you an original Burberry bag as good as new for a fraction of the money, then you should be puzzled immediately. It will almost certainly be a fake. 


If you are looking for a new or second hand Burberry bag, you should always turn to certified suppliers or buy directly from the brand itself. The market for fake designer goods is large and the knowledge of fake manufacturers is growing, so that it is becoming increasingly difficult even for professionals to distinguish an original from a fake. 

So that you don’t experience a nasty surprise and end up with a fake in your hands, you should generally only buy from providers from whom you can be sure that you will receive an original. You can get brand new Burberry bags in Burberry stores or in the label’s online shop.