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How to tell a fake or genuine Apple iPhone

fake or genuine Apple iPhone

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How can you tell if an alleged iPhone is a fake or genuine Apple iPhone? Our guide will explain what to look for and beware of. If you are looking for original real Iphone, then be sure to check the features described below to avoid buying fakes.

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Ways to tell if it’s a fake or genuine Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Serial Number

The serial number is a great way to tell if an iPhone is original or fake. The serial number encrypts the following:

  • unique identifier of the device
  • Color
  • Memory
  • Date of production

You can use this guide to decipher this data. Compare the serial number details with the details of the iPhone you want to buy. If the serial number of the body does not match the structure described below, there is a risk that it will be a forgery.

The serial number can be found in the following places:

  • Back of iPhone box
  • iPhone Menu: Settings > General > Info

The serial number that can be found there consists of eleven characters and is structured in this way: aabccdddeef

The letters mean:

  • aa = Production location and machine ID
  • b = year
  • cc = production week
  • ddd = Unique identification of the device
  • ee = color (A4=black)
  • f = memory (S=16 GB, T=32GB)

Enter this serial number on the Apple Warranty Review website:

Check serial number on the Apple website

Technical details of Apple iPhone

Even if it sounds trivial, check whether all the connectors, switches and sensors marked on the image are present. If even one feature is missing, then it is a forgery.

Apple iPhone Memory Card Slot

Many iPhone 4 fakes have a slot to push memory cards into the product. An Apple iPhone does not have a slot, because the memory is firmly installed in the iPhone. Due to the cost of memory chips, the counterfeits often do not include any of them, but only a slot that you have to equip yourself with memory cards. 

Apple iPhone Simcard

It is safe to say that Apple’s iPhone is the most sought-after phone in the world. And where a high price is estimated and there is a great demand, plagiarism is also quickly found. A feature of counterfeits is the frequent use of so-called dual Sims. This is a function that allows the operation of 2 sim cards at the same time. However, original iPhones only allow one Sim card at a time.

Most fakes even advertise with the dual sim card function in the description and on the packaging.

Apple iOS Operating System/Software

Not only the optics are faked on the iPhone, but also the apple software. This way, the touchscreen is controlled by the Apple icons. But at the latest here the clone becomes a cheap Chinese mobile phone. The software reacts extremely slowly, is full of spelling errors and cannot process the popular apps.

Apple iPhone Charging Cable

An iPhone fake cannot be charged with an original Apple charger because it usually has an incompatible port.

Mini Apple iPhone 4 / 4s

Many webshops offer a mini iPhone 4S from Apple. A mini iPhone 4/4s was never produced by Apple. Only with the iPhone 6 were two different model sizes introduced.