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How to tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag

tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag

What are the best ways to tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag from a genuine one? Our guide outlines the clues to avoid being ripped off by counterfeiters.

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Every fashion lover comes to the point where she wants to get a designer bag. The Marc Jacobs Store is either not around the corner, or you want to get your dream piece as cheaply as possible. You can often save several hundred dollars by comparing different offers. Second hand ones in particular are always worth an investment if in good condition. 

The internet can play an important role in this. You can find countless sites and dealers from all over the world who offer their Marc Jacobs bags. The heart starts beating faster when you find your absolute favorite item as a bargain. Unfortunately, the Internet and its numerous offers also harbor dangers. The many offers cannot all be checked for authenticity by experts and it is also harder to expose fakes on photos. It’s easy to fall into a trap and then regret it. We have a few tips for you to prevent this from happening to you!

Best ways to tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag from a genuine one


A general note that does not only apply to Marc Jacobs bags would be the exact comparison of prices. Even if you buy your bag in an online second hand shop, the price is still “high”. If, for example, the bag costs $1,200 in the Marc Jacobs Online Store, then it is extremely unlikely to get hold of the same for $300 – even if it’s already used. So as a start, this is a good way to tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag.


Another indication of a fake specimen is the unprofessional wrapping of the handles in plastic for “new purchases” or the lack of an invoice, AUTHENTICITY CARD and care booklet for private sales.


The zipper is one of the best ways to tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag from a genuine one
Best ways to tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag from a genuine one

The first thing you should pay attention to is the zipper and serial number. With Marc Jacobs bags, they are a good indication of the authenticity of the item when you want to tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag. Marc Jacobs mostly uses “riri” zippers for his handbags. This is a simple distinguishing feature to keep in mind when going on a luxury safari outside of official (online) shops. It is essential to know that you should not only pay attention to the inscription, but also the individual letters. They have to be the same distance from each other and original “riri” closures have a small circle as an i-point. 

The easiest way to make a comparison is to enter “riri zipper Marc Jacobs” in the search engine of your choice or to look at the logo of a Marc Jacobs bag in the shop. In addition, the “riri” zippers have a round head and at the bottom is the letter M and a number. The larger one says “riri M8” and the smaller one “riri M4”.

Marc Jacobs also uses “lampo” zippers. These are used for example for the East / West bags. These are also an indication that the bag is real! What they all have in common is the Marc Jacobs logo on the front. The designer’s name is always engraved in production. On the one hand because it creates a more luxury factor and on the other hand, of course, because it makes it easier for us to distinguish them from the fakes. Here, too, there is a small rule that must be observed: the lettering starts with MARC on the thickest part of the zipper. There is little chance that the counterfeiters worked so precisely, but it is better to check such points as well.


As mentioned above, the serial number is also an important indicator of the authenticity of Marc Jacobs bags. Unfortunately, it is precisely this that is not always available in older versions from previous collections. The models MP, Sophia and Stella are examples of Marc Jacobs handbags, which for better or worse have to do without a serial number. But no worry! These, too, can be safely purchased (over the Internet) if a few tips and tricks are followed.

Fortunately, the serial number was then introduced in other collections and made life a little easier for us bag lovers and Marc Jacobs obsessed. The pockets that have one are hidden in one of the zippered inner compartments. The serial number is usually in black or white letters. Why is it so important? You will find out soon! The serial number contains data on the luxury item. For example, you can read off the season and the model number from it. For example, a serial number could look like this: F09 xxxx. That means nothing else than “Fall 2009” and which model it is exactly. The serial number can be checked in the Marc Jacobs stores, so you can be sure that it is an original.

Arguably the biggest problem with counterfeit brands is that they keep getting better. While certain sloppy versions can be avoided, others are much more difficult to debunk. There are more and more con artists around on the Internet who want to take money from others with fake luxury goods. But there are certain signs that indicate the (non) originality. As with the choice of a partner, when looking for your dream Marc Jacobs bag , inner beauty counts as much as outer!


You should pay close attention to the inner workings of a bag. The lining, the color and the material can say more than you might think. Marc Jacobs, the American designer, is a perfectionist. Handbags of the same color and model will therefore not have two different types of fabric or lining colors. Again, to be on the safe side, you should search the Internet thoroughly or get your own picture of the store. 

If the color of the inner lining of the bag on the retailer’s (private) website is different from that on the official website, then it is very likely that it is a fake. Particular caution is required with private retailers and websites that do not specify an authenticity check by experts.


tell a fake Marc Jacobs bag

Another indication of a forgery can be the logo. Real Marc Jacobs bags have a small piece of metal on the inside with the imprint MARC JACOBS. The imprint MADE IN (…) should also be found on this metal plate. Fake ones, on the other hand, often have the logo printed on a piece of leather or fabric. As with the zippers, it is important not only to make sure that MARC JACOBS is at the top, the spacing between the letters also plays a role. If this spacing is uneven or the individual letters do not look exactly as they are in the official logo of the brand, this clearly speaks against a purchase.

If the logo is on the outside, check the lettering to make sure it is all even and sharply-defined. Any uneven spaces or wavering edges on the letters are a sign that the bag is a counterfeit.


But it’s not just the inner aspects ​​that count! The outside of a bag can also tell a lot about its origin. Fake bags, for example, often have other details. Outside compartments can be larger or smaller, wider or narrower, among other things. Even the leather of the forged copy often cannot keep up with the original. 

The number of side compartments must also be taken into account, it can also vary. What women should definitely pay attention to are the seams! Whether outside or inside, it doesn’t matter here! Marc Jacobs has his bags made with the highest precision and does not tolerate crooked seams. These are straight, continuous and clean. 


The seam path on forgeries can be very different from the real luxury pieces. They are processed carelessly and often come off after a few days. The handles in particular are often sewn differently and therefore suffer from poor quality. In addition, cheap productions often have different colors of seams or even have to be glued together at the corners because the seam simply does not want to hold. 

Designers, on the other hand, don’t even let bags leave the factory with messed up details. The processing does not come close to the original. Another hot tip for debunking “cheat packages” is paying attention to the hardware. The Marc Jacobs logo can often be found on the hardware, but there is no time for this in the production of fake copies. 


If you pick up the bag in person, buy it at a flea market, etc., then you should pay attention to another important factor: the smell. Cheap counterfeits stink – literally! Quality has its price, this is why Marc Jacobs uses high-quality leather such as deer or cattle for its production. Cheap productions tend to use sheepskin (if it is leather at all). However, these have a strong smell and thus suggest a fake. So you need the right nose when buying.


Anyone who has ever bought a designer bag knows how many extra bells and whistles come with it. If the bag is new, at least a dust bag with the Marc Jacobs logo comes with it. In addition, you always receive the AUTHENTICITY CARD with the purchase of a luxury bag. 

If you buy from a private person, you should ask for this card and have a photo of it sent to you (if necessary). You should also ask for the invoice, it is the easiest and fastest way to trace where and when the seller bought his bag. If it is new, the bag also has an additional label. This is attached on the outside and gives details on size, color, etc. The designer also gives care instructions with tips on how to maintain the bag. These care instructions are also called “booklets” and are presented by a trustworthy retailer without being asked and enclosed with the purchase.