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How to tell a fake Eileen Gray Adjustable E1027 sidetable

fake Eileen Gray Adjustable E1027 sidetable

What are the best ways to tell a fake Eileen Gray Adjustable E1027 sidetable? Our guide outlines the clues to help you avoid being ripped off by counterfeiters.

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The probably eternal designs of the British designer Eileen Gray, such as the famous Eileen Gray Adjustable E1027 sidetable and the unique Bibendum armchair, are still produced under strict licence to a small number of fabricators. However, they are often counterfeited in much cheaper versions.

Eileen Gray (1878-1976) is one of the most important designers of the early 20th century. Gray has established herself at a time when design and creation were largely dominated by men. She was one of the first women ever who were admitted to study design at the Slade School of Art in London.

Eileen Gray first began to make a name for herself with lacquer furniture, following which she opened a gallery in Paris in 1922 and presented her own designs there, which are both simple and modern in terms of form. Her famous Adjustable side table as well as the Bibendum Chair were both created for the Villa E-1027 on the Côte d’Azur – one of the few buildings she has ever designed and built.

Ways to tell a fake Eileen Gray Adjustable E1027 sidetable from a genuine one

The Adjustable E-1027 Table by Eileen Gray is even considered to be the most counterfeit piece of furniture of classical modernism) and therefore it is all the more important to be able to recognize the original with certainty. Both the table and the armchair are provided with clearly identifiable signets.

fake Eileen Gray Adjustable E1027 sidetable signature detail (2)

The authenticity of the furniture is most evident through engravings. You can see the manufacturer’s logo usually to the left of Eileen Gray’s signature and a systematic sequence of numbers in the middle containing the model’s identifier, the year of production and the serial number. Such logos protect the intellectual property, the legitimate production of the licensed design and they vouch for the quality and safety of a product, which means you are guaranteed the use of high-quality materials, the best possible production and constant product tests.

If there are no such signs, it is very likely that you are dealing with a forgery. But you as a customer also enjoy a certain protection through these authenticity features: because you can only expect customer service for original furniture, and the manufacturer’s guarantee, for which the originals also come with a guarantee card, which is only valid for original furniture.

The Bibendum therefore also has a fabric label that marks the armchair as an unmistakable original. In addition, the seams of the upholstery are double-stitched – a detail that counterfeits usually do not have.