How to take CBD oil: its health benefits and side effects

how to take cbd oil

Our guide on how to take CBD oil outlines the health benefits and warns about potential side effects of this powerful product, which is gaining in popularity.

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Cannabidiol is famously known as CBD. It is one of the significant ingredients of Cannabis/ marijuana. It is one crucial component of medical marijuana. It is a product of the hemp plant. The hemp plant is related to the marijuana plant. As much as the marijuana causes a high, CBD does not rely on its own. Pure CBD has no potential for abuse or dependence. This is because it does not contain the THC, which produces a high in cannabis. CBD comes in different forms of oils, capsules, or gummies if you want it in your bloodstream. Different people have preferences for the forms.  It is available in the USA in various online stores like Prime My Body.

Benefits of CBD oil

CBD has existed for a long time as a natural solution for common ailments. CBD comes second after the THC component in cannabis. It has become popular in the medical world with its capacity to relieve chronic pain and anxiety. Some of the benefits of CBD include;


In many years, people have been using marijuana to relieve pain. Marijuana has some components which are responsible for that. CBD is one of them.

Human studies have taken place, and some have revealed that a combination of CBD and Marijuana treat pain effectively. Some of the chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Several countries recognize the use of Sativex oral spray. The spray is a combination of THC and CBD, which are useful in treating multiple sclerosis pain. Several people who have multiple sclerosis were examined for one month while using Sativex. They all had an improvement from the previous pain they experienced.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

According to the world health organization, anxiety and depression are the worst mental disorders around the world. They distract the wellbeing of individuals who mostly never get back to their original state of mind. Depression is ranking as the single largest cause of disability in the world. Anxiety is a cause, too but is not high ranking like depression.

In many years, people suffering from depression and anxiety are treated in hospitals using pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the administered drugs have side effects like insomnia, sexual dysfunction, headache, drowsiness and agitation. Some medications used for treatment can lead to substance abuse.

On the other hand, the use of CBD to treat depression and anxiety has become an interest to many. A study conducted in brazil revealed that oral CBD reduces anxiety significantly. The natural approach to treat anxiety and depression is quickly gaining popularity. CBD is also useful in treating insomnia and anxiety in children who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Reduces Acne

A significant percentage of the population suffers from this common skin condition. The condition can affect anyone and has different causes. Some of the causes include; overproduction of sebum, oily secretion by sebaceous glands, genetics, and bacteria. Scientific studies have revealed that CBD can treat acne by reducing the secretion of oils by the sebaceous glands.

It can reduce cancer-related symptoms.

During cancer treatment, the patients may suffer side effects like nausea, vomiting, and pain. CBD is effective in reducing these symptoms. Many patients who have used CBD in treating these symptoms find CBD more effective than the pain medication provided in the hospital. A combination of CBD and THC have proved to be more effective in relieving the symptoms than CBD alone. Chemotherapy effects can be overwhelming to the patients with the pharmaceutical medication not responding. Seeking an alternative like CBD has helped the patients relieve the symptoms effectively. A combination of CBD and THC given to patients orally works well on nausea and vomiting than the standard treatment. 

Beneficial to heart health

In recent times, CBD has proved to be effective in regulating high blood pressure. High blood pressure has so many risks to the people experiencing it. You could get a stroke, heart attack, and even metabolic syndrome. A study conducted recently revealed that CBD oil significantly reduces blood pressure. The research shows that CBD components that treat stress and anxiety are also capable of lowering blood pressure.

CBD Contains Neuroprotective Properties

According to researchers, CBD’s ability to work on the brain signaling system is beneficial to neurological disorders. CBD is used to manage such illnesses as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis with exciting results. As mentioned earlier, Sativex, which is an oral spray with a combination of CBD and THC, reduces spasticity in multiple sclerosis. In a study, it was clear that CBD helped in reducing seizures in children with Dravet syndrome. It also improved their sleep quality.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above of CBD, it also has the following potential benefits;

Antipsychotic effects: the CBD can help in cutting out psychotic symptoms in people with schizophrenia.

Treating substance abuse: it is used to treat individuals addicted to drugs by reducing morphine dependence.

Anti-tumor effects: CBD has demonstrated the ability to prevent the spread of cancer.

Side effects of CBD oil

Although many people have successfully used CBD without reaction, some have reacted to it. Some of the noted reactions by some users include; diarrhea, lack/increased appetite, weight gain/loss, and fatigue.

CBD interferes with the functioning of the other medications. It is important to inform your doctor before you combine CBD with your regular medicines. This will help you avoid dangerous interactions. Some interactions with CBD can cause liver toxicity to the patient.


 CBD is always categorized as a safe to use component. You can use it to manage adverse symptoms in epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. Although studies have suggested that CBD is useful in managing diabetes, substance abuse, mental disorders, and some cancers, there’s a need for further human research. With the benefits confirmed by individuals and research, many patients are using it in their treatment. However, it is important to note that it may interact with your medical drugs and cause a reaction.

Written by: Evonne Nelima