How to style bangs and fringes: complete guide for all types

how to style bangs

Complete steps for how to style bangs and fringes, including how to style curtain bangs and also how to style long bangs. So that the casual forehead fringes are always as beautiful as they were after visiting the hairdresser — these are our tips for how to style bangs perfectly.

The good news in advance: bangs in any shape are very popular! You may have noticed that stars like Heidi Klum or Taylor Swift keep presenting the style on the red carpet. But bangs are also popular outside of the glamor world. Correctly cut and coiffed, they balance proportions, leaving the wearer looking sometimes younger, sometimes more elegant. And between us: There is hardly a more practical way to hide the first forehead wrinkles. We’ll give you the best tips for styling bangs and fringes.

How to style bangs: the expert basics

Does this sound familiar to you? While the bangs were lying perfectly at the hairdresser’s, wind, moisture in the air, oily skin or stubborn eddies suddenly get in the way. And whoosh, the chic cut turns into a stringy mess. If you take a few tips to heart when styling bangs in the bathroom at home, you can enjoy that fresh-from-the-hairdresser feeling for longer :

  • Always dry the bangs first when blow-drying.
  • If you are prone to oily skin on your forehead, use some dry shampoo right after you blow dry. This soaks up sebum before it can destroy your work.
  • Speaking of foreheads: some women swear by tucking their bangs away with a clip at night so the skin can breathe and no blemishes form.
  • If your hair is prone to frizz and likes to stick out in all directions, use a moisturizing shampoo. As a finish, put some hairspray on the hairstyle so that everything is as intended.

No matter which version of the bangs you prefer, there are basically three ways to style it:

  • with the hair dryer, which provides volume and natural smoothing,
  • with the straightening iron, which provides more shine and less volume, or
  • by air drying – the result is deliberately “undone” as with fashion and style icon Alexa Chung.

How to style side bangs: top tips

Slanted bangs that fall to the side are easy – while a straight bangs should be trimmed every three to four weeks, this variant does not always have to be freshly cut to lie well. To create volume, do the following:
Grab a small to medium-sized round brush . Put the narrow nozzle on your hair dryer to work precisely with the air flow.
When pony styling, part your head as usual .
Place the round brush at the base and blow-dry your sloping bangs in the opposite direction in which you are wearing them. If your bangs are usually on the right, blow-dry them to the left and vice versa. Just before it is completely dry, style it as usual.

How to style long bangs

Long bangs are especially recommended for straight hair. Most prefer a shiny result that doesn’t look too fluffy. The straightener guarantees that! If you don’t want to overuse your hair and heat it up several times a week, a blow dryer and a round brush will also get great results. Simply roll up the long bangs and blow dry them down. This gives it good volume with being fluffy.

Trendy cut short bangs

If you want to make a fashion statement with your forehead fringes, you should choose ” micro bangs”. These short bangs attract everyone’s attention, so they are particularly suitable for women with fine facial features and a balanced, oval shape. Volume is not desired with this cut , so comb your hair the way you want it to fall, then blow-dry it straight down from the top, adding some dry shampoo to give short bangs structure and grip.

How to style curtain bangs easily

  • Brigitte Bardot showed the way: Short strands that play around the face are pure sensuality! This long pony variant is styled differently than the alternatives described so far:
  • Part your part as you normally would. Curtain bangs are usually worn with a center parting, but the side version is also very flattering.
  • Now grab the round brush while styling the pony and apply it to the hairline, but not below the pony, but on it.
  • Now pull the pony strands a little downwards and then outwards onto the round brush and blow-dry it.
  • Let the hair cool down well .
  • The result will look a bit strange at first, because the hair sticks out to the side. When they are completely cooled , however, they lie flat and then gently fall outwards. Curtain bangs are “just a little bit of bangs” as they can be worn off the face or disappear into the rest of your hair due to their length.

The best care tips

How to prevent them getting greasy

Even in spring, the climate under the bangs can feel subtropical. How can you prevent greasy bangs from there ? It starts with grooming and pony styling:
Use a deep cleansing shampoo now and then that removes all the styling product residue.
After showering, let your conditioner soak in completely before styling your hair.
Use dry shampoo as this will soak up anything that could cause stranded hair.
If your forehead begins to shine during the day , powder it off or use so-called blotting paper for the skin. This is blotting paper that absorbs fat and sebum. You can get it in most drug stores and especially in summer.

How to cut bangs: wet or dry?

There is a clear answer to that: dry! This has two advantages: You can better estimate the length , because wet hair always falls longer. In addition, dry hair is already lying in such a way that any vertebrae that may be present can be seen better. Always keep these in mind when styling and cutting your bangs! Because no matter how many styling tools and means you use, your hair always has the urge to lie in its natural shape . Take this to heart! If your favorite hairdresser cannot offer an appointment at the right time: This is how you can easily cut your bangs yourself.

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