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How to stop static damaging your hair

Hair breakage

Quickly pull the sweater over your head and it happens: the hair is in every direction! Especially in winter it occurs frequently — the hair is statically charged. Especially fine hair suffer from this phenomenon. But what helps with electrifying hair? I’ll show you what you can do to stop static damaging your hair!

Moisture for your hair

Make sure your hair is well hydrated. So you can avoid that your hair is charging. Use mild, moisturizing shampoo. A regular hair conditioner that moisturizes will work wonders. A good hair cure is much more effective than a conditioner. My SOS trick: moisten your hands and hold them close to your hair. You’ll see that your hair recovers in no time and you do not even need to touch it!

Gentle drying and blow drying

Especially in winter, the dry heating air makes the hair anyway. If you set your hair in addition föhnst , you should make sure to do this as gently as possible. I recommend that you also blow dry your hair cold instead of hot. So your hair and your scalp are less strained. Also use heat protection for your hair. Of course, the best thing would be to let the hair dry in the air.

Natural bristles

The choice of brush plays another role. Use a natural bristle brush or comb. These act antistatic, in contrast to plastic utensils. The same applies to your clothes. Synthetic fibers favor electrifying hair when rubbed. Wool or cotton, however, make the hair fly less.

Special products

Of course there is a solution on the market for almost every problem. So too for electrifying hair. You can buy antistatic products like sprays, brushes or shampoos. These products bind the moisture, for example, with proteins, silicones or oils. If you have nothing at hand, it also does some hand cream: just give into the hand, rub and rub over the hair.