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How to stop food cravings: 11 strategies that work

how to stop food cravings

What is the best way to stop food cravings? Our guide outlines how to stop food cravings with strategies that really work.

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Chocolate! Now! Immediately! And then a few cookies, chips … and whatever else we can get our hands on. Most of us are probably familiar with such uncontrolled food cravings. Time for a few helpful tips for how to stop food cravings.

If your thoughts revolve around nothing but sweets or salty snacks all day long, even though you really want to lose weight, that’s bad. Because it is only a matter of time before we give in to the urge and stuff everything into us that is within reach. So that you don’t nibble all the time, we have put together the best tips against cravings.

How do cravings actually come about?

The causes of food cravings are many. Often there is a direct connection with our blood sugar level . If we eat something, sugar gets into the blood, the blood sugar level rises and the body has to produce insulin in order to lower the blood sugar level again. This is completely normal.

After sweets or white flour products, the rise in blood sugar levels is very rapid and strong. Unfortunately, it sinks again quickly and deeply a little later. The body reacts to this with cravings, because such a low blood sugar level is associated with a lack of food. One of the best tips against cravings is therefore: Pay attention to the right diet and eat less sweets and white flour products.display

It looks different when we eat a wholemeal bread with cheese or a piece of meat with a salad. The blood sugar level also rises, but much more slowly and not as strongly. It sinks just as slowly. There is no cravings.

By choosing the right foods, we have some influence on our cravings. But cravings also arise from many other things such as constant stress, or psychological problems. So here are the best tips against cravings. First we will tell you how to react correctly to a food cravings attack, then we will give you tips so that you don’t get cravings in the first place.

How to stop food cravings: Immediate measures

Once you have an appetite for chocolate, you need quick counter-strategies. Here are SOS tips against cravings that always help.

Chew peppermint gum

Sweet fruit does not help against cravings, but something containing peppermint. Peppermint is nice and hot and spreads quickly in the mouth. The appetite for sweets disappears by itself. So just grab the chewing gum, suck a piece of candy or brush your teeth.


If you don’t pay attention to the cravings, it will usually run away within a few minutes and leave you in peace. Distraction is one of the best tips to counteract cravings when you suddenly have an appetite for something sweet or salty. Distraction Ideas:

  • Call a friend or family to catch up
  • Go for a walk
  • Turn on your PC and surf
  • Clean up

11 strategies to prevent cravings

To avoid an excessive appetite for sweets in the first place, there are some tips against cravings that you should stick to as a preventive measure. Try to implement as many as possible in everyday life.

1. Don’t go hungry

Those who are hungry suffer from cravings faster. This is due to the low blood sugar level. Therefore: never go hungry and instead eat until you are comfortably full.

2. Enjoy food and take your time with it

Don’t gobble up, enjoy: Those who follow this tip are less likely to struggle with cravings. If you devour meals on the side or only eat when you are busy with something else, you often do not even know what you have eaten. It’s a shame about the great food! Take the time to taste every bite. This is one of the best tips against cravings, because the food makes you happier and those who are satisfied do not suffer from constant appetite.

3. Eat regularly

If you like to skip meals, for example breakfast, the blood sugar level sinks and demands something to eat immediately. He prefers to have sweets, because that brings quick energy. To prevent this from happening, you should plan three fixed meals a day, including a snack in the morning and afternoon. If the day becomes stressful, you should make provisions and have snacks ready. But of course not just any snacks! Make sure they are healthy ones. This is also how to stop food cravings at night … make sure your evening meal has the proper balance of food groups, and is low GI.

4. No prohibitions

The forbidden is sooo attractive! Therefore: When it comes to eating, there are no bans. Chocolate, biscuits, cakes, chips, ice cream or pizza: everything is allowed. Not every day, however, and only in small portions. If you stick to it, you’ve followed one of the best tips against cravings.

5. Go for whole grain products

Whole grain products such as bread, pasta or brown rice contain plenty of fiber, which ensures a long feeling of satiety. Therefore: grab it and ignore the light white flour products.

Another plus point: after consuming whole grain foods, the blood sugar level rises only slowly. You don’t experience the roller coaster ride like after white bread, when the blood sugar level first rises, then goes down and you immediately feel cravings.

6. Take breaks to eat

Just as one needs breaks from everyday life, the body needs breaks to eat. A snack in the morning and afternoon is okay, constant snacks are counterproductive and encourage cravings.

7. Eat sweets only after a meal

A dessert is not only a great way to end a meal, it is also damn smart to nibble on something sweet after a meal. The reason: If you eat the chocolate or cake after pasta, cheese bread or a salad, the effect on the blood sugar level is completely different. The level does not rise as quickly as it does after enjoying the sweets alone. In other words, there is no blood sugar hole and with it the cravings.

8. Drink enough water

Did you know? Those who drink enough (1.5 to 2 liters per day) not only provide the body with enough fluids, they also reduce cravings. Thirst is often confused with hunger. And the stale feeling in your mouth when you haven’t had anything to drink in a while, preferably with something sweet. When it comes to tips against cravings, you shouldn’t forget to drink enough.

9. Reduce stress

Stress is a major trigger for cravings. Many people calm their nerves with cake and chocolate. Any other way of combating stress eliminates an important cause of cravings. This helps with stress:

  • fresh air
  • Sports
  • Relaxation exercises
  • regular breaks
  • Separation of job and leisure

10. Do sports

You cannot eat junk food while you are exercising. Another good reason to exercise regularly. Here comes an even better one: Exercise releases happiness hormones and reduces stress. After exercising, we no longer need to eat frustration because we’re fine. And what if you get hungry after exercising? Then find out here how you can avoid cravings after exercise !

11. Get enough sleep

Yawn A day like this can drag on when you are tired. And of course, sweets give you new energy in no time at all. Cravings are closely related to fatigue. Those who get enough sleep do not live with the constant need for something to eat.

10 foods that keep you full for a long time to stop food cravings

The point of good food? They should keep us full for a long time. So that they can do that, they should be particularly high in fiber, contain complex carbohydrates and protein – real satiety.

You should know these foods and eat them regularly ! This not only saves you from embarrassing stomach growls, but also helps you stick to a diet and protects against food cravings!

Here we have collected for you the 10 best foods that will keep you full for a long time. They are particularly rich in fiber, contain lots of complex carbohydrates and a lot of protein or water. These three characteristics ensure that the stomach is filled for a long time and that there is no feeling of hunger.display

1. Potatoes

Who would have thought that! According to an Australian study, potatoes are the most filling food. In the experiment, the scientists ate 240 kcal of various foods and checked every 15 minutes how hungry they were. The saturation effect lasted the longest with potatoes. It was three times as long as that of white bread!

2. Oatmeal

Many people find oatmeal a bit boring. However, the small flakes are the ideal breakfast if you want to stay full for a long time. They are high in fiber. If you combine them with yoghurt and fruit, you won’t need a snack between meals until lunch.

3. Whole grain bread

If you don’t feel like having oatmeal in the morning or are looking for a good snack in between, then grab a slice of whole grain bread. It is also rich in fiber and therefore keeps you full for a long time.

Our tip: Avoid using sweet chocolate spreads or jam if possible and prefer cheese instead. This contains a lot of protein, which satisfies hunger for a long time.

4. Legumes

Legumes – what were legumes again? These include lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans or white beans. You should cook them regularly, because they are not only very healthy, but also real fillers. Why? They contain a lot of fiber and a lot of protein at the same time. The perfect combination so that you don’t feel hungry for hours.

5. Quark

Many people eat yogurt with fruit in between meals. Unfortunately, hardly anyone thinks of quark. Pity! Because quark saturates a little better. Due to its somewhat thicker consistency, you will feel full more quickly while eating. The protein ensures that it stays with you for a long time.© iStock

A little tip: Combine berries with quark. Raspberries etc contain plenty of fiber.

6. Raw food

Salad is supposed to be a filler? I’m sure many people shake their heads in disbelief. But it’s true. The raw food contains a lot of water and that fills the stomach. Combine vegetable sticks with high-protein herbal quark and the salad with a yogurt dressing.

7. Soup

Often soup is only dismissed as a small starter. Wrongly, because similar to vegetables and fruit, the high water content fills the stomach. Depending on the ingredients, the soup meal will keep you full for a long time.

Our tip: Provides even more satiety and enriches the soup with lentils, potatoes or vegetables.

8. Nuts

Next time, leave the chips in the closet and grab the pack of nuts. They also contain a lot of fat, but at least they keep you full for a long time. Plus: They contain many minerals and high-quality, essential fatty acids.

9. Dried fruits

It is not for nothing that dried fruits can be found in many muesli mixes: They keep you full for a long time! Thanks to a lot of fiber, they get the intestines going and fill the stomach. Dried apricots, dates or figs are therefore a great snack between meals.© iStock

10. Bananas

The little yellow Minions justifiably love bananas. The fruit is an absolute all-rounder and provides healthy vitamins and fiber as well as good carbohydrates. Besides, there is nothing worse than being one of those people who are doubly hungry after eating an apple? This cannot easily happen to you with a banana. It doesn’t rumble in the stomach and signals “hunger”. Bananas clearly say: “full”.

How to stop food cravings after exercise and workouts

The training isn’t even over and all we can think of is eating. Many of us make the mistake of stuffing way too much into ourselves after a workout: French fries? Pizza ? Always bring it on! If you don’t have to pay attention to your figure: go ahead. However, all those who do sport primarily to lose a little weight should moderate themselves and give their cravings no chance at all!

Cravings after exercise – how does it come about?

The reason we feel so hungry after intense exercise is pretty simple: Exercise increases metabolism and speeds digestion. The more intensely we train, the greater the desire for food. That also explains why we often do it, especially after endurance training.

But that’s not all. In addition, physical exertion depletes the vitamin, mineral and electrolyte balance in our body. As soon as our energy store is used up, the brain receives a signal to replenish it. That is why we often have a strong craving for sugar after exercise.

Eating after exercise is therefore necessary to recharge your batteries. The most important thing is what and how much we eat. Here are six simple tips to help you avoid those nasty food cravings.

Eat something before exercising

The safest way to avoid having a growling stomach after exercising is to eat something before exercising! Of course, not a huge meal right before the workout, but if you go to exercise in the evening, for example, you should have dinner and eat something two hours beforehand.

After exercising, yoghurt is sufficient. At least one banana should be eaten before the morning workout, followed by a normal breakfast.© iStock

Plan your post-exercise snack beforehand

Another good trick so that we don’t fall into the feeding trap after exercising: Know beforehand what you want to eat afterwards. Plan your meal in advance. If you decide what you want to eat, then you no longer have to worry after exercising and you are not tempted to eat more than should be.

Drink enough during exercise

It is not uncommon for us to mistake thirst for hunger. Since your body loses a lot of fluid during exercise, you should drink enough and regularly during exercise – regardless of whether you sweat or not. And even after your workout, you should first treat yourself to a large glass of water, it will satisfy your first hunger.

Rely on high-intensity interval training

HIIT – if you haven’t heard of this workout, you should pay attention now. Because the high-intensity interval training, which consists of intensive, fast units and slow regeneration phases alternating, not only melts body fat, but can also curb the appetite after exercise.

Why? Since the body temperature rises during hard training and the muscles need more oxygen, the blood flow there increases and decreases in the abdomen. This should lead to our feeling of hunger being suppressed. So the next time you’re on the treadmill, alternate between intense sprints (1-2 minutes) and rest phases with low intensity as a method for how to stop food cravings.

Doesn’t go shopping after exercising

Going shopping hungry is never a good idea. Especially not after exercising, when we think we have burned an infinite number of calories and therefore want to treat ourselves to something.

Refrain from sugary drinks

Water is the best drink you can drink while exercising. It quenches thirst and has zero calories. Avoid sugary drinks, they make the blood sugar level skyrocket and drop just as quickly. That promotes cravings.

Tip: Take a close look at the composition of isotonic drinks. Some are high in sugar.

Access these foods after your workout

Yes, we did sport and theoretically we could sin because of it: But then the sporting effect would be gone! So it’s better to eat less and the right thing instead of snacking on excessively sweets and chips.

After exercise, the body needs protein, for example in the form of natural yoghurt, low-fat quark or an omelette. A piece of chicken or fish is also tasty. Carbohydrates are also allowed in small amounts, but only whole grain products. We should avoid alcohol, sweets, chips and fast food.