How to stop a dog barking too much

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What is the best way to stop a dog barking too much? Our guide explains the causes of excessive barking and how you can wean a dog off it.

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Many dog ​​owners are always faced with the problem that their dog barks excessively. Regardless of whether the dog barks because you leave it alone, meet people or other dogs or want to guard the property – many owners want to stop their dog from barking. 

To do this, the cause of the barking must first be found. Only then can approaches be found that are suitable for the individual situation. Barking is a type of communication that dogs only learned when they were domesticated. Since their ancestors and relatives, the wolves, hardly bark at all, it makes sense to look for the causes of the yapping in humans.

Reasons for barking behavior

To stop barking through dog training, you first have to find out what kind of barking the dog is doing. Does the dog get loud with excitement, fear, in defense or just because he has learned it? There are different types of bells . This shows that barking the dogs always makes sense, even if this may not be obvious at first glance.

Dogs bark, for example, because they are bored and have to stay alone in the apartment all day. Many dogs also get loud out of fear and insecurity, which should make it very clear that punishing is not the right way. However, sometimes dogs have simply learned that their behavior gives them attention and therefore show it again and again.

Is barking bad?

The powerful sounds are not a problem at all. A watchful dog is allowed to indicate when someone is at the door. Especially insecure dogs make themselves known to keep strangers away. It only becomes problematic when the barking becomes so overwhelming that you can no longer control it. Then you should make sure that you stop the dog from barking.

What you can do to stop a dog barking too much

Once you’ve figured out why your dog is barking, you’re well on your way to addressing the problem. That’s where the path to dog training leads you. Due to the diverse causes of excessive barking behavior, the question arises whether humans shouldn’t have to change something instead of the dog.

If your dog barks because it’s dead boring while you are away, it is your responsibility as a dog owner to take care of entertainment. Be sure to keep the dog busy before leaving the house so that he wants to sleep anyway.

In addition to a regular walk, brain work helps: hidden object games, nose work, learning tricks. All of this doesn’t take long in the morning, but it does help your dog become more balanced. Filling toys like Kong with cheese, cottage cheese, dog food and treats can also provide employment for later. If the dog barks at other species or people because of excitement or insecurity, it is important to take on the role of the leader. Here the dog must see that its owner or mistress is taking care of the situation and is radiating calm.

Squat at a distance from your dog and consider the source of danger. Stand between your dog and the bark object so that your dog sees that you are taking the lead. Not everyone has to pet your dog and not every dog ​​has to get in touch. Radiate calm and your dog will learn that there is no reason to yell. This means that you don’t have to wean him off the bark, but give him no reason to do so.

If you follow these tips, you can make life easier for yourself and your dog and solve any problems that may arise. In deadlocked or extreme situations, however, it is advisable to consult a sensitive trainer who can better analyze the situation and treat it accordingly.