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How to start a personal trainer business successfully

How to start a personal trainer business

This guide outlines how to start a personal trainer business that engages, keeps and grows clients successfully.

Personal trainers are a specific breed of fitness enthusiasts. They love to tear up the gym floor and enjoy watching people succeed as they perform exercises with greater ease and become more fit. Being a personal trainer is not a simple job – it’s one of those jobs where you get out of it what you put into it.

What does a personal trainer do?

The first step in how to start a personal trainer business successfully is understanding exactly what such a business venture entails. The personal trainer offers their customers the highest effectiveness and excellent service in the field of sports and nutrition. In 1:1 support, he or she is in direct contact with their client. The basis for a successful cooperation is first of all to determine the physical condition of the customer through an introductory anamnesis interview.

The personal trainer then creates a realistic goal analysis according to the customer’s time, health and financial possibilities. Based on this, a tailor-made training plan is developed, which is carried out in your own four walls, in the office, in nature or in a gym under the personal trainer’s constant guidance. Expert briefings in the exercises, constant control of execution and continuous motivational aids are decisive for efficient, goal-oriented training. In addition, a good personal trainer helps the customers acquire a healthier diet step by step.

How to start a personal trainer business

It takes a lot of networking and outreach before finding steady clients who will pay their hard-earned money for your services. However, there are some things in how to start a persona trainer business that all aspiring trainers can do to help attract and increase their clientele and interest in their services.

Give Out Free Trial Sessions

People interested in personal training often want to get a sense of what it’s like before signing up for sessions. They typically want to “get a feel” for how you work and if they think that your technique is correct. Therefore it’s great to offer free trial sessions as a key start in how to start a persona trainer business.

During the session, be sure to work on a couple of exercises that they wouldn’t normally do during their regular sessions. This will help them understand your teaching style and allow you to see things from their perspective.

Give out free trial sessions at least one or two times a year for those who might be interested in your services but are not 100% sure yet. Those who sign up will be more likely to stick with it and be less apprehensive about the training sessions.

Start a YouTube Channel For Your Brand

YouTube is a great way in how to start a persona trainer business to get yourself noticed in the fitness world. You can start with just your smartphone and upload an informative video from your favorite workout spot or jump into creating full-fledged workout videos that you edit on a computer. A Fitness channel is excellent for engagement because they spark conversations and provide valuable information to viewers. Fitness YouTubers have millions of subscribers who keep up to date with the latest Fitness news, updates, and advice. 

Using YouTube can be beneficial for Personal Trainers because this provides an opportunity for viewers to reach out about personal training services or ask questions on specific topics that you may cover within a video.

Get Certified By A Professional Board

professional certification can help improve your chances in how to start a persona trainer business by establishing your credibility as an expert in fitness. Of the most prestigious organizations, ACE is one of the best personal trainer certifications to achieve for this reason. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness through education, testing, and regulation. Besides certifying personal trainers, the council also provides several fitness-related resources, such as books and educational materials. 

The commission is well known in the fitness community for organizing health expos, conferences, and studies related to keeping fit. Certified personal trainers who become members enjoy access to many educational resources that help them earn more in their business.

Network With Other Trusted Trainers

Working alone and trying to succeed as a personal trainer is challenging because of the amount of work that goes into owning a business and the time spent working with clients. You can do networking in several ways for how to start a persona trainer business, but here is a list of just some methods:

Join an organization such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Take part in conferences and events. These can be for networking, continuing education, or even fitness competitions like the Arnold Fitness Expo. Also, try joining or at least following on social media industry-related websites like Facebook groups, Instagram, and Twitter for trainers in your area. 

Offer Discounts For Referrals

One of the most effective ways for personal trainers to increase their client base is by offering discounts for referring others. You can do this via several channels, such as social media, direct mail, or even word-of-mouth referrals. As long as there is a way to track it (usually via referral code), this tactic will give more people the opportunity to try a personal trainer at a discounted rate.

If you will offer discounts or free sessions for referrals, make it clear to the client that they must refer others if they want the special pricing. If you find that this method successfully grows your clientele, be sure to let people know about this on your website and social media throughout the year.

Use Digital Marketing

Personal trainers need to embrace technology and social media. Utilize websites such as Instagram and YouTube, where people can like/follow you and see your work ethic. Develop relationships with other businesses by exchanging services for discounts on each other’s products or services to grow your business.

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