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How to slow down the skin’s ageing process: 8 key steps

How to slow down the skin's ageing process (1)

We guide you through how to slow down the skin’s ageing process with 8 key steps to prevent ageing and revitalise the youth of your skin.

There are a couple of things that can lead to skin ageing. Though some things are in our control, there are a few others that are uncontrollable. One thing that does not fall in our control scope is the skin’s natural ageing process. It does have a vital role in the whole situation as with time, we all get some visible lines on our faces.

Over time, it is natural for our face to lose some of its youthfulness. It is because as we age, our skin tends to get drier and thinner. Our genes are primarily responsible for these changes, and this kind of ageing is known as “intrinsic ageing.”

Even though this kind of ageing is not in your control, we can certainly control the other kind of ageing that affects our skin. Our lifestyle preferences and the environment, too, can result in premature ageing. This kind of ageing is known as “extrinsic ageing.” With adequate preventive actions, we can slow down this kind of ageing and its resultant impact on our skin. 

How to slow down the skin’s ageing process: 8 key steps

How to slow down the skin's ageing process (2)

Here, we will address some of the ways in which we can control our skin’s ageing process. Let us address them one by one.  Find more beauty and grooming guides, tips and advice.

Guard your skin against the sun

It is a prevalent fact that persistent sun exposure can damage our skin and result in wrinkles and premature ageing. Following a study conducted in 2013, it was found that we can slow down the natural signs of ageing on continual usage of sunscreen. 

To shield our skin from the harmful UV rays, it is vital to apply a sunscreen with an SPF between 30 and 50 on a daily basis,. Even on the cloudiest of days, UV rays can penetrate through the clouds. Thus, you must apply a generous layer of sunscreen on your face regardless of the weather. You can wear a wide-brimmed hat, light-hued clothes to secure further, which will reflect the sun. Do not forget to cover your eyes with sunglasses that have UV protection. 

Eat Your Vitamins

If you have noticed, all kinds of anti-ageing products have Vitamin E or C in them. However, simply applying these Vitamins to the face is not enough. It will help if you put these antioxidants to work from the inside too. For this, it is quintessential to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and the mineral selenium. The presence of these vitamins and minerals can guard your skin against sun damage. It will even reverse the skin’s natural ageing process, such as skin discoloration and wrinkles. 

Do not repeat your facial expressions.

When you make certain facial expressions, you contract your underlying muscles. So, if the same muscles are contracted repeatedly, the lines tend to get permanent. This is one of the reasons why most people have prominent smile lines. 

To reduce the lines caused by squinting, it is recommended to wear sunglasses anytime you step out in the sun. 

Maximize your moisturizer use

Strictly avoid products and fragrances, which are harsh on your skin. It may lead to skin irritation, and the irritation can result in dryness and skin damage. Thus, it is recommended to shop for moisturizers with ceramides. They can replenish your skin, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) present in them can soften and exfoliate your skin. 

Keep your baths and showers short.

Only a five-minute quick shower is enough to hydrate your skin. If you spend anything longer than ten minutes in the shower, it can rob your skin of your natural oils and moisture. This can lead to dry skin. 

Turn down the temperature.

Also, if you shower from hot water, it can strip your skin of the oils. Thus, it is best advised to keep the water temperature decently warm and not scalding hot.

If you smoke, stop.

‘Smoking can accelerate the natural ageing process of the skin and lead to dull, wrinkly skin with a sallow complexion,’ points out Jasmine Allen, an expert beautician.  What Jasmine just stated is scientifically proven too. Hence, anyone who is a smoker, both men, and women, should stop to slow down their skin’s natural ageing process. 

Use a retinoid 

Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A. It is one of the most studied anti-ageing ingredients. Often referred to as retinol, retinoids can accelerate collagen production in the body, which plumps your skin. Further, retinoids also boost the skin regeneration process and foster the development of new blood vessels that can better the overall texture and appearance of your skin.

Predominantly, there are five kinds of retinoids, each of them have different degrees of potency. While you can find some over the counter, a few are available in gel and cream forms. There are also some, which can be availed with prescription only.

Before you start using retinoids, you must seek a dermatoligist’s recommendation. They will usually advise you to test a small amount of it on your skin to test the skin’s tolerance to the product, and only then is it safe for you to use it every other day to prevent peeling. Further, speak to your doctor to know which kind of retinoid is best for your skin. 

So, these are the eight best ways to slow down your skin’s natural ageing process.