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How to show your personality with a mug: why it’s important to us

show your personality with a mug

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We explore why our personal coffee and tea mugs are so important to us, and how you show your personality with a mug in the workplace or at home.

Each of us has it. Some like it simple, others unusual. Still others rely on funny (or pseudo-funny) sayings that loosen up the stressful workday at least a little. While some models come across as brightly colored, others are bright white. They are available in the classic cylinder shape, but also in crazy versions. We are talking about the coffee cup – a true office icon

Show me your coffee or tea mug and I’ll tell you who you are: It may not be that simple, but our mugs do say something about who we are. After all, the favorite cup allows some conclusions to be drawn about the self-image of the owner. At least that’s what research into the topic proves. A psychology paper revealed 6 reasons we are attached to our favourite mugs, while another study posits that a mug in the workplace communicates messages about your personality.

You show your personality with a mug: why it’s important to us

This stands to reason… After all, the employee creates “small private biotopes” at his workplace with the cup. It is not the appearance of the vessel that counts, but the story that the user associates with it, and this is why you show your personality with a mug. Also good to know: How to clean a coffee pot correctly

Even people who do not consume hot drinks should have noticed that cups are generally not just everyday objects. For example, when the secretary from the neighboring department is in tears looking for her favorite piece. Or when the colleague cries out in horror, when the inexperienced intern pulls the beloved mug with a favourite slogan or the likeness of a favourite singer out of the shelf. Or when heated debates break out about why one colleague was given a mug with a cow and the other one with a cat.

Expression of individuality

In short, a cup is not just a cup, a cup is an expression of individuality. This is how you set yourself apart from the company’s own drinking utensils with the boring corporate logo. Psychiatrists call this the “silent protest against the uniformity of modern office equipment”.

In a study, 2,500 people were asked about their habits and found that 98 percent of them consume hot beverages at work. Why are you doing this? Because of the three big «Cs». Communication (“Do we have a quick cup of coffee?”), Concentration (caffeine drives away tiredness!) And contemplation (a relaxing cup of tea, for example) play the most important role. With a cup in hand, a piece of privacy is often lived out in the workplace, and connections are made with colleagues.

Whether men or women, the trend is towards the personal cup: 73 percent of the women surveyed and 69 percent of the men said they treasured private drinking utensils at work. Half of them admit to being bothered when someone else uses their own vessel.

The inhibition of using the colorful possessions of colleagues is also great. 15 percent would never dare to put their lips to someone else’s mug. The fixation on the ceramic object often goes so far that even damaged cups with limited functionality can continue to be used. If necessary, you can convert the beloved piece into a pen holder. If you love your cup, you wash it: 32 percent even after each use, 52 percent every day and 0.7 percent never.

Another aspect that justifies the iconization of the coffee mug in the office is the simple desire for individuality. Conformity is the order of the day, especially in very large companies and open-plan offices. If you want to keep that little bit different here, put your family photo on your desk – and drink your coffee from your personalized mug.

Gift mugs express love and understanding

Having now established why a personal mug is important to us — whether at the office or at home — it is no surprise that buying clever mugs as a present for a beloved friend or family member is such a popular idea. When you give somebody a special mug, you are not only telling them that you love them, you are telling them that you understand them and their personality… their traits, their dreams, their likes — and even their goals in life.

From the classic ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ or ‘World’s Greatest Mum’ through to mugs with witty inspirational mottoes, or images that will resonate strongly with the receiver, a mug that sends a message and fits into their personality is something they will treasure forever. Or at least, until the intern swipes it or breaks it — but then you get the chance to give your special friend or relative a new one.