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How to set up a home office area: 9 crucial factors

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This guide outlines several strategies to set up a home office even in a small corner of your home, to make remote working comfortable and productive.

More flexibility, no travel distances, a better work-life balance and, most recently, the Corona crisis: There are many reasons that speak in favor of working from home. For many people it is not that easy to get involved in social distancing from the hustle and bustle in the office.

The past year was associated with significant changes in our everyday life. In particular, the way we organize our working life has changed fundamentally. The ability to work from home quickly became a mandatory issue for consideration.

If you work from home for work or are currently doing further training from home , it is important that you create an area in which you can work comfortably and with concentration. A cleverly set up workplace makes it easier for you to mentally switch to office mode at home. Conversely, it is also easier to arrive back in your free time after work and not get stuck on the last e-mail.

When you set up your home office, the most important thing is to create a space that works for you. Of course, it is ideal if you have a study that you can furnish according to your needs.

But even without your own office, you can create a separate area through clever furnishing and thus create the right office atmosphere. Room dividers, for example in the form of bookshelves, plants or simply a different wall color, ensure the visual separation of the work area and the rest of the living space without losing comfort.

If you work from home, you know how difficult it can be to get the appropriate space for work that is both welcoming and efficient. There are various factors that can help with this.

9 ‘musts’ to set up a home office

These strategies will help you not only choose the right furniture but also organize your work and increase your personal efficiency while working at home.

1)   Set up all the Necessary Software

Office software contains the necessary set of programs for solving standard tasks. First of all, you need to install a convenient browser, office suite, video conference tools, messengers, and file viewers. Secondly, you need to download the software needed for your professional tasks, i.e., Autocad for architects, Photoshop for photographers, eml to pst converter for assistants, etc. Finish with the additional tools needed for personal efficiency – appropriate mailing client, calendar, task manager, etc.

2)   Set the Correct Lighting

Daylight has a significant impact on productivity, as it makes the body awake and active. Therefore, try to ensure that your desk has enough light during the day. Remember about the pleasant artificial lighting because the work activity often grows in the evening. Cold shades contribute to better concentration, meanwhile yellow shades relax the eyes and body.

3)   Follow the Rules of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that studies the compatibility of a person and their work environment to increase productivity. The workplace is not just a table and a chair. It is necessary to equip it so that you can quickly switch to work. You need to choose furniture that will be comfortable and safe to work with. Do not forget to correctly arrange this furniture, organizing a workplace at home.

4)   Keep Your Table in Order

Main specialists agree that a cluttered table causes a destructive mood, so keep your workplace tidy. We recommend you to keep only those things that are necessary for work near you: a laptop, a notebook, a pen, and a pencil. A simple table with straight lines will be the best option, and the chair should be comfortable, but not relaxing.

5)   Create a Nice Accent on the Wall

Create a nice accent on the wall where your eyes will fall. It should be pleasant for you to look at the wall in front of you when you look up from the monitor. You can make this wall an accent in the room – paint it in your favorite color or cover it with delightful wallpaper. This will create the feeling of a special zone that will tune in to positive emotions.

Hang your favorite picture, photo, or cool calendar there, place an aquarium with fish, or arrange a bed for the cat so you can observe your pet, and smile more often giving the brain the necessary rest. This wall is designed for things and objects that will bring you some energy or inspiration. So, think about what exactly inspires you.

6)   Online Background Wall

If part of your job is video-related – speaking at online events, consulting online, or creating video content – then the picture behind your back is of great importance. The ideal background is a solid wall in a neutral color. A matte texture is better, as it will provide a more correct and softer light.

7)   Ensure the Door

The key to the success of working at home is the opportunity to organize a working area within your apartment. The main factor for this is having a door. Some are fortunate enough to have a private office. But even if you do not have it, then go to work in the room in which you can close the door. When you have a family, this is critically important.

8)   The Choice of Furniture

When equipping an office, it is essential not only to arrange the interior items correctly but also to choose the right furniture. Your convenience depends on your health and efficiency. So, by choosing the wrong height of a table or chair, you will experience discomfort, which will make you consume more energy.

If the table is too low or the chair is too high above the table, you will slouch. If the table is too high or the chair is too low, you will lift your head and strain your neck muscles. Therefore, consider the following:

  • The standard table height is 74–75 centimeters. It is calculated from an average height of 175 centimeters (5 centimeters in height is an acceptable margin of error);
  • Choose an orthopedic chair with high-quality back and neck support. Keep in mind that when you are sitting, your feet should be firmly on the floor and bent at a 90-degree angle.

9)   Home Office Storage Furniture

There are three levels of storage required for work – above the table, on the table, and under the table. For maximum convenience, use all three levels. Above the table, shelves for books and office equipment are useful, under the table, you can place cabinets and drawers.

Arrange furniture in a way that everything is easy to reach. Place shelves and bookcases above the table. Store cabinets and boxes for documents and other necessary things under the table. Don’t forget about all kinds of stands, holders, boxes, and dividers.


Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to allocate a separate room for an office. But you can still set up a work area in a free place. Partitions, screens, or a large floor rack, which will also become a place for storing things, are suitable for separating the workplace.

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