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How to sell junk and make money

sell junk and make money

There is hardly a household that does not have any junk anywhere. Instead of getting it dusted more and more, you should sell it and thus improve the household budget. Our guide outlines how to sell junk and make money.

Whether in the basement, in the attic or in the garage – we all have litter somewhere, which only serves as a dust catcher. Whether old furniture, clothes, decorative items or or or – if something is no longer needed, it will be brought to a place where it is initially out of sight. At some point the corresponding room overflows so that it is difficult to get to the important things. Then there is only one option left: mucking out!

Many simply throw the junk into the garbage can. You can sell the junk and make some money with it. Your own junk may be another collector’s treasure. So the sale can not only create space, but also earn cash when you sell junk and make money — just follow our guide. And also think about the benefit to the world when you are passing on items that other people can use — rather than putting the items into landfill. It’s about sustainability as well as your finance and a cleaner home.

How can you sell junk and make money?

Depending on what type of junk it is, the unnecessary items should not necessarily be sold at the flea market. Electrical appliances are a good example of this. Because at the flea market, the potential buyer does not have the opportunity to test the device. It will therefore offer a lower price than if it had previously been able to plug the device in at the buyer’s home. There are also things that are not as easy to sell at a flea market at a fair price as anywhere else. This is especially true for items of higher value. Whether gemstones, gold or designer handbags, more money can be made elsewhere by selling these items. Depending on the type of things to be sold, the following sales platforms are therefore available:

  • Flea market
  • Private flea market
  • Purchase and sale / second hand shop
  • Internet auction houses
  • Classifieds on the Internet
  • Apps for selling certain items – especially children’s clothing, women’s and men’s clothing, and cosmetics
  • Sale to a jewelry store or antique dealer
  • Notice on the bulletin board in the supermarket, kindergarten, school or university
  • Sales with friends or acquaintances
  • Different sales groups on Facebook

Clean out and sort out the junk

What can be sold depends, among other things, on whether only superfluous things that are no longer used should be removed or whether a certain amount has to be generated through a financial bottleneck. If so, some things that your heart may still have to be brought to the pawnshop in order to successfully avert the impending financial plight. Fortunately, the financial shoe does not squeeze so much and it is mainly about making a little money with the old junk. Mucking out is the first step.

However, separating things that are no longer needed is not as easy for many people as would be expected. Anyone who has had a jacket in their closet for two years without having worn it even once should assume that they will not miss the good piece. Your own children also like to pick up a lot, including items of clothing. Except for a few memorabilia, not much is needed when you have to decide what will go out for you to sell junk and make money.

Cleaning out with Konmari

The Konmari method is currently very popular for mucking out. Put simply, it is about separating yourself from things that do not enrich your life or do not make the owner happy.

While the Konmari method provides for sorting by category – for example books, clothing, etc. – you can also tackle your muck-out project room by room. If you want to separate yourself from all legacy issues, look in all the cupboards and drawers and separate yourself from all things that can be dispensed with for whatever reason. This strategy is particularly useful when a flea market is planned. Because then it makes sense to take as many things as possible to the flea market so that the investment in the stand rental and the flea market time pay off. After all the junk from the apartment and other usable areas from the basement to the attic has been collected, it is important to sort them. The following tips have proven extremely helpful in this context:

❶ Things of low value can be safely sold at the flea market
❷ Electronic media and technology are better sold online or through a purchase and sale
❸ Seasonal items fetch a higher price during the respective season (e.g. fans in summer and Christmas balls in November / December )
❹ Bring items that are older and could be of higher value to an expert or research online instead of selling them at a lower price

Sell ​​junk: tips for the highest possible profits

If you want to get the highest possible price when you sell junk and make money, you should not ignore some rules of conduct. Flea markets in better neighborhoods can often get higher prices than a flea market in a low-income neighborhood. When selling electronic items, it makes sense to have the instructions for use and possibly also the invoice ready. If all the accessories are available, this can also increase the price. The following tips have also proven their worth when you sell junk and make money:

  1. Register in good time for the flea market so that you are guaranteed to get a stand
  2. Share a flea market stand with friends or a family member if you can’t get enough junk yourself
  3. Select a covered stand or an indoor flea market so that bad weather on the flea market day cannot get in the way – otherwise you have sun protection for yourself and rain protection for the flea market goods in your luggage
  4. If possible, call a higher price at the flea market and then let yourself be negotiated (this makes sense especially for more valuable items) </ li
  5. Offer discounts when a buyer buys multiple items
  6. If you want to get your money particularly quickly and with little work, you can buy and sell (either on site or now online)
  7. Also pay attention to the presentation of the goods at the flea market – many buyers deliberately drop by a stand that makes a rather dingy impression overall
  8. It is best not to do the flea market during the summer holidays, since there are usually fewer people on the flea market
  9. When selling junk at internet auction houses, describe the condition of the goods as precisely as possible and take a lot of meaningful pictures
  10. The faster the goods are to be sold, the more the seller may have to go down in price
  11. Check all flea market items for completeness and use bags, boxes or adhesive tape to ensure that the junk is also offered in full
  12. It is best to only sell clothes, toys and shoes clean and clean
  13. Arrive at the flea market as early as possible to ensure a good stand there and close the first deals when the very early bargain hunters are out
  14. Have enough change and bags in your luggage