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How to save money on power bills

Save money on power bills

Are you annoyed by the high power prices and the amount of money you have to pay the provider every month? Then just try to reduce your power consumption. Our guide tells you ways to save money on power bills.

save money on power bills

1. Finding the right power provider to save money on power bills

You want to use your TV, refrigerator or laptop as normal, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on your electricity every month? Then you should definitely compare the electricity prices as the first step to save money on power bills.

After all, there are very different electricity providers and tariffs that make a big difference financially. For example, there are quite favourable electricity tariffs. But you have to find them first, often the best way is by using a comparison site.  In addition to low electricity tariffs, you can also opt for the use of green electricity. In doing so, you are also supporting the environment and helping to stop climate change. You should also, of course, reduce your overall power consumption. You can read how this works in our article.

Tip: If you are unsure, you can also consult a power calculator online. It calculates the electricity costs for your household.

2. To save money on power bills, work out how much power you use

When talking to friends or colleagues about electricity prices, it quickly becomes clear that each of us pays a completely different sum to our electricity provider. This is a monthly discount that you can set – depending on how much electricity you need. Of course, it is self-explanatory that the power consumption for 2 people is automatically higher than that for a single household. And yet it happens again and again that the discount for the electricity is set far too high, because you do not consume so much. This is not a big problem, as you will be repaid at the end of the year. For the time being, however, these overpaid euros could also be used for something else. For this reason, it is beneficial to know what an average power consumption looks like.For example, one person is about 2,300 kWh per year. For a two-person household it is already around 3,000 kWh and for four people 4,000 kWh.

3. Save money on power bills: How to do it

Do you want to do something good for the environment and your wallet and save electricity? Then that’s a very good idea. After all, in recent years we have equipped ourselves with more and more electrical appliances, all of which are true power eaters and are doing their best for climate change. To counteract this, we should all take a step back and reduce electricity consumption. For this we have collected 7 tips & tricks for you:

Tip 1: Have the laundry drum fully loaded

If you want to save electricity, you should start with the washing machine. They should only do a wash if the drum is really full. In addition, the machine should run at the lowest temperature. This allows you to save a third of the usual energy on your own. If the laundry is done, it should of course not simply come into the dryer, but be hung on a leash – preferably outside, it is dry again within a few hours.

Tip 2: Rely on energy-saving lamps

Sitting on the couch in the dark in the evening and only getting a little light with candles is sometimes quite cosy and romantic. But every day you don’t want to have that. Nevertheless, you can also save power on your lamps by using energy-saving lamps. This allows you to save a total of 52 kWhwith a burning time of three hours a day. So it’s definitely worth it.

Tip 3: Do not switch electrical appliances to stand-by

Everyone has probably caught up in the fact that they are no longer using a device and, instead of turning it off directly, simply leave it on stand-by. But it is precisely this mode that is a true power eater and causes as much as 10 percent more energy costs.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the right location

You wouldn’t believe it, but the right location of your refrigerator also makes a difference to your power consumption. For example, it should not be right next to the stove, radiators or dishwasher. These appliances produce heat that also passes to the refrigerator. In order to regulate these again, the refrigerator must first run at full speed and thus consume more electricity than necessary. You should also avoid places with direct sunlight.

Tip 5: Be economical when cooking and baking

If you want to reduce your power consumption, you can also contribute to the stove.There you should only cook with pots, which you close with a lid. This reduces the cooking time on the one hand and the power consumption on the other. If you want to bake a cake, you can, for example, dispense with the preheating time and turn off the oven a few minutes earlier than usual. The residual heat contained in the oven is quite sufficient to cook your dishes ready.

Tip 6: Use batteries

Do you frequently use equipment that is powered by batteries? These include, for example, remote controls, fairy lights and children’s toys. To save energy costs and help the environment, you should rely on batteries and rechargeable batteries.

However, if you want to go to the full, you should generally do without battery-powered electrical appliances.

Especially in the field of outdoor and camping, there are now some accessories that you can operate without batteries, but get going mechanically. Particularly popular in this case is a flashlight, on which a crank is attached. By turning this crank, you can make the flashlight glow.

Tip 7: Smaller computers

We can all no longer do without our computers, whether for work or for playing at work. However, everyone should reconsider how powerful their computer really needs to be. For example, if you only need your computer to write e-mail and texts and browse the Internet, you don’t need a high-performance computer. Instead, it certainly makes sense to just have an average laptop. It consumes around 70 percent less power than a stand-up tower PC.

4. Compare electricity prices to save money on power bills

As you can see, there are definitely ways to save a little money on getting electricity. It is important that you use a low electricity tariff. If this is not the case, it is important to inform yourself, perform a power comparison and change the power provider in case of need. In this process, you can also read about the day current and night current. Again, you may be able to save a few euros. Most importantly, however, you can reduce your overall power consumption. And you don’t necessarily have to make any compromises in your everyday life. Just make sure your electrical appliances aren’t on standby when you’re not using them. Also, do not necessarily turn the temperature in your refrigerator to the minimum. The colder the device has to cool down your food, the more electricity it consumes. If you always keep an eye on these and our other tips, your power consumption should be reduced by itself and thus also the amount of your electricity bill.