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How to rule Instagram with these real estate IG tips


Clear guide for how to use Instagram features to boost interest in your real estate listing business, including images, stories, IGTV and even filters.

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Aside from using single property websites or multiple listings platforms for posting real estate properties that are for sale or lease, utilizing the power of social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram also boost your property’s visibility online.

The immense popularity and growing community of social media users help in adding value to a business. In real estate, both Facebook and Instagram are used for promoting real estate properties, but showcasing your listings is far more appropriate on Instagram since it is a photo content platform.

Here are some excellent reasons to consider if you are wondering what Instagram can do to your business.

Perfect for Property Images


Presenting your captivating real estate images is made easy with Instagram’s design and interface. The platform is specifically designed to upload photos and provide captions that explain what the pictures are all about.

Built-in Filters

Being a photo content platform, Instagram is also quick in recognizing the need to have useful filters for users. These filters come along with some editing options that can help users edit images quickly, without the need for actual photo editors.

Stories Feature

One particular and striking advantage of Instagram is the stories. Through this, realtors can easily show to their followers the properties that they are offering. Here is the catch! It is not only about flashing those perfect real estate images, but it also has incredible options that add more functionalities in the story (e.g., swipe up link, GIFs, stickers, etc.)

Instagram TV (IGTV)

Are you planning to add videos, but cannot upload the full clip? Worry no more with IGTV, Instagram’s feature for those who use longer video content by uploading it on your channel. A considerable benefit to IGTV is that Instagram will show users suggested videos on their profiles based on the profiles they follow. It’s also integrated with Instagram, so there is no need to build a new set of followers.

Instagram for Real Estate Pro Tips

So, how do you rule the Instagram universe as a realtor? The secret to a successful realtor career is not only about your skills as a salesperson. Instead, it is more on how well you handle your potential buyers. Be more transparent in the things you share with them, and above all, do not deceive them with the photos you upload on the platform.

At the same time, post only relevant images of the images. When highlighting the amenities and other features, it is best to be straightforward with your captions and use only photos that leave a great impression on potential buyers.

Furthermore, you can utilize user-generated content to flood your feed with content that boosts your business’s visibility. It also matters to pay ample attention to after-sales queries from your clients and buyers by having someone offer the customer’s best support.

You can also post photos of you with clients and buyers after a closed deal. Adding these proofs on your business page adds credibility to your company and your name. Remember that you can be the next IG star just by curating the right available materials.

Lastly, learn how Instagram ads work. Begin with familiarizing its basics, but do not forget to master the whole process. Understanding the ads first will make its implementation easier and effective in targeting your identified audience segment.

In the end, conquering the Instagram platform is one step away when you know how to maximize the benefits it can give to you and the business. The beginning is never easy, but with enough time and effort, you can be the next Instagram’s rockstar realtor.