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How to replace car door locks

Car door lock

Power door locks often fail in the older model. They are controlled by a computer, but mostly it is the actuator that failed, not the computer. This knowledge is one of the crucial factors with our guide to replace car door locks.

So if you press the lock / unlock button and hear that you click or see that the lock is moving but not enough to open the door, it is the actuator at fault. A new actuator costs about $ 50, and you can save about $ 75 in shop work if you do the work yourself. Along with ordinary screwdrivers and sockets, you’ll need a few: a crank handle window remover (about $ 7 at each auto parts warehouse) and a flat-slot offset screwdriver.

Tools needed: slot screwdriver
Door handle remover for crank window
Plastic gloves.

Required materials:
Lock actuator

Remove the drive. Then remove the inner door trim panel (see Workshop Manual for Screws and Snap Positions). The trick is to pull the old drive out of the lock with a flat-head screwdriver while you press the plastic locking tab of the actuator with the flat blade of the offset screwdriver. The actuator slips off two “rails”. They work blind behind the door structure, so investigate the new part to get a sense of how the locking tab works.

In detail: Press the locking tab
Press the locking tab with a staggered screwdriver.

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