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How to renovate stairs: expert methods and tips


Image via: Pexels

Every old wooden staircase creaks and groans with the years. Then the question is: buy or renew a new one? A beautiful old wooden staircase is considered the epitome of beauty and elegance. But when it gets old, you need to know how to renovate stairs properly and easily . Our guide will show you how to renovate stairs.

Renovate stairs: what to do

Tool of choice: hot air gun and spatula. This protects the material when you renovate stairs.

There can be minor problems with the curves on the railing. But we have a trick for that: instead of the spatula you take an old spoon to scrape off the old paint.

With the help of tools it removes the last paint residues.

Then a battery sander is used. Three to four passes are needed until all steps and the railing are sanded down.

Now there is a new coat of paint for the old staircase: two to three layers of white lacquer for the cladding of the stair stringers and the railing, clear boat paint for the steps and the handrail transform the old staircase into a “new” gem.

With the clear boat paint, the old staircase shines in new splendor.

gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.