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How to remove hair dye from skin

remove hair dye from skin

When dyeing hair, it is likely it will get on your skin. Our guide outlines the best ways to remove hair dye from skin easily.

1. Act quickly

If you want to dye your hair or eyebrows yourself, you know the problem, as it is usually not only the hair that gets colored, but also the décor in the bathroom, the clothes, the ears, the forehead and the neck. In itself, this is not too bad, but such a hair color or tint always dries very quickly. If you do not wipe it away immediately, then it can happen that unsightly spots are left behind.

It is therefore important that you clean the bathroom thoroughly after dyeing your hair. You also need to remove hair dye from skin immediately. If the hair color can no longer be removed properly, then just try the following tips on removing hair color from the skin.

2. Remove hair dye from skin: 4 tips

»Tip 1:
A good hair color remover is nail polish remover. Drop it on a cotton pad and treat the affected areas to remove hair dye from skin. Likewise, you can remove unpleasant spots on the skin. However, you should use very little of the nail polish remover. It is best to dilute it with a little water.

Then thoroughly clean the skin and cream. Since nail polish remover is very aggressive, skin irritation and rashes may otherwise be at risk.

Alternatively, you can use shaving water, tea tree oil or lemon juice as an alternative to nail polish remover. But don’t forget: Then wash the skin well and cream it!

»Tip 2:
Spots on the skin can also be removed very well with a little cigarette ash. Just put some cigarette ash on a damp cloth and rub the skin areas that have gotten the dye. Then wash the ash off well with water.

»Tip 3:
For hair dyeing, you should always put on old clothes and put a towel around your shoulders. Hair dyes on garments are very difficult to remove. But try some baking powder. Simply mix with a little water, apply to the stain and let it act slightly to pull out the hair. Then wash the garment in the machine as usual.

»Tip 4:
Hair color in the bathroom you get nicely removed with some abrasive milk.

Another issue is of course if they want to discolor the hair. There are few home remedies, best they buy a hair color remover from dm or other drugstores. But beware, the color remover for the hair is pure chemistry and can recklessly quickly destroy the hair. So if you don’t want to remove hair color from skin or textiles, you’d better go to a hairdresser.
Otherwise, we have presented you with many inexpensive hair color removers, with which you can quickly and effectively remove the hair dye and stain your hair.

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