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How to remove dye stains from clothes

remove dye stains from clothes

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What are the best ways to remove dye stains from clothes — and recent it happening again? Our guide outlines the best ways and home remedies to fix the problem.

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What is the difference between decoloriser and bleach? When you bleach your clothes, the entire color is pulled from the textiles. Therefore, bleaching agents are only suitable for white textiles. For coloured linen, a discoloring is recommended.

What means can be used to discolor laundry? Garments can be discoloured with special Decolorisors. However, you can also use home remedies such as soda or citric acid to pull the paint out of the textiles.

How can we prevent recoloration? To avoid discolored laundry, you should first wash newly purchased clothes individually and generally sort the laundry strictly by color.

The washing machine is just finished and you notice with horror that you have probably thrown a red garment into the white laundry. You know this situation? Discolored laundry is especially annoying when our favorite pieces are in the machine.

To save the clothes, you can remove dye stains from clothes. We will explain which home remedies or special discolorants are suitable for this purpose. We also give you tips on how to prevent discolored laundry in the future.

1. Discolorisor or bleach? – these are the differences

Almost everyone has done it – the laundry is discolored because a different coloured garment has inadvertently put in the washing drum. Especially colour-intensive garments often bleed out and thus release the paint residues to other textiles.The result is often that all the laundry discolors.

Although, according to the results of the most recent study, washing laundry is the second most popular activity in the household, this mishap cannot always be avoided. In many cases, however, the damage can be limited by discoloring or bleaching the laundry. But what is actually the difference between discoloring and bleaching?

Whether you need a discolorisor or a bleach depends on whether it is colorful or white laundry. With bleach such as chlorine, you can only treat white laundry, as the paint is removed from the fabric by bleaching. This means that not only the discoloration, but also the original color is attacked. This transforms brightly coloured colours into pastel tones.

2. Ways to remove dye stains from clothes

If a red garment has been smuggled under the white laundry, it may happen that all the clothes take on a pink color. Although some pieces of laundry may not be so bad, most garments have unsightly stains.

In this case, it makes sense to discolor the garments to wash the red color out of the textiles. In the following we would like to introduce you to different methods in more detail to remove dye stains from clothes.

The best way to change the colour of cotton textiles is to change the colour. If a garment is made of synthetics, such as polyester, discoloration is more difficult.

2.1. Use a conventional discolorisor

If you have discolored garments, they can be discolored with a special discolorator.This can be purchased at the supermarket or in drugstores. For most products, you can choose to treat the discolored laundry in the washing machine or in a bowl with hot water.

However, to achieve the desired effect, you should always follow the instructions on the packaging. If the discolorator shows no effects, you can also recolor the clothing to your desired hue with the help of textile colors or vegetable colors.

2.2. Treat discolored laundry with home remedies

However, discolored laundry can be treated not only with special products, but also with conventional home remedies to remove dye stains from clothes. The following home remedies show effect for white washing as well as for coloured washing:

  • Soda: Bicarbonate Soda is a tried and tested and popular home remedy when it comes to cleaning processes. To discolor laundry, heat about five litres of water and put it in a large bowl. Then add four to five tablespoons of soda and stir vigorously. Place the discoloured textiles in the bowl and leave to act overnight. Finally, wash the laundry normally in the washing machine. Conventional dishwashing tabs are very suitable for discoloring discolored laundry.
  • Citric acid: Another option is to use citric acid for discoloring. Mix five litres of hot water with the juice of two large lemons. Add the textiles and leave them on overnight. Then wash out with clear water and clean in the washing machine as usual.
  • Dishwashing tabs: Cleaning products such as dishwashing tabs or bite cleaners can also be used to discolor discolored textiles. Dissolve about four dishwasher tabs or denture cleaner tablets in a bowl of hot water. Place the garments in and leave to work for at least ten hours. Then put the laundry in the washing machine.

3. Tips & tricks to avoid discolored laundry

Good to know: When you bleach jeans or black clothing, the so-called used look is created, which is very trendy at the moment. Suitable bleaching agents are chlorine cleaners, hydrogen peroxide or conventional decolorizing agents.

If the laundry is discolored, this is annoying and involves a great deal of effort. Therefore, you should take care that this will not happen in the future.

The following tips can effectively prevent discolored laundry:

  • Wash new garments separately: If you have bought a new garment, there is usually still a lot of excess paint in the fibers. To prevent this from being transferred to other pieces of laundry, you should wash them separately for the first time.
  • Always sort clothes by colour: Always pre-order your laundry and add similar shades to the laundry drum. In particular, separate black, white and colourful underwear from each other.
  • Use a suitable detergent: To avoid discoloration and graying, you should select a suitable detergent. While full detergent is suitable for white laundry, you should use color detergent for black and colorful laundry.
  • Wash black laundry with vinegar : Black garments are very popular as they can be combined in many ways. The downside, however, is that they can fade out very quickly. Therefore, wash black clothing as rarely as possible. Another option is to soak the clothes in a mixture of cold water and vinegar (ratio 1:1) before washing overnight. Vinegar fixes the color so that the clothes fade less.
  • Use color towels: If you don’t want to do the sorting work or as a result you don’t get the machine filled, you can wash different colors together and add a special Dye-catching cloth. This absorbs the leaking dye so that it cannot settle on other textiles.