How to remove a page break in Word on PC, Mac, online, phone or tablet

How to remove a page break in Word

Explains how to remove a page break in Word with step-by-step instructions for PC, Mac, online and smartphone and tablet.

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Page breaks are a very useful tool in Microsoft Word to write on the next page of a document, even if the current page is actually not finished and there is still room to write. However, this tool can become an uncomfortable obstacle for those who are revising a document written by someone else and want to change / shorten the text by avoiding interruptions.

How to remove a page break in Word

There are two different types of page breaks in Word: manuals — that is, entered manually by the user to go to the next page — or automatic, which Word automatically adds to mark the end of each page.

Manual page breaks can be removed, automatic page breaks cannot, but you can change their position.

How to remove a page break from Word on a PC

If you want to learn how to remove page breaks in Word and use an up-to-date version of Office for Windows or macOS (one with tabbed toolbars, so to speak), all you have to do is turn on the display of hidden formatting icons and remove the breaks in the document that you’re reacting to want.

Click the button to open the document from which you want to remove page breaks Show all unprintable characters in the Placed Home section (is the Paragraph icon available in the subsection ) from the Word toolbar.

If you’re using a Windows PC, you can also press Ctrl + Shift + 8 on your keyboard to get the same result. That way, you should be able to see all symbols, spaces, and page breaks at the end of the paragraph in the document.

Once page breaks are enabled, they are shown as dashed lines with font in the middle.

You can easily delete them by moving the Word cursor in the line with the jump and pressing the key remove from your PC keyboard.

How to remove a page break on Word for older versions

If you are on office 2003 or earlier and you want to find out how to remove word pagination. The procedure that you should follow is similar to that in the latest versions of Word. Due to the different composition of the toolbars, there are only a few small deviations. Also in Word 2003 you can remove page breaks by clicking the Show All button, placing the Word pointer on the line with the break and pressing the remove key on the keyboard.

Remove page breaks in Word with the Find and Replace tool

However, it can take a while to manually delete many page breaks from large documents. Find and Replace is a handy MS Word tool that allows users to find and replace text in a document. You can also use this tool to quickly find and delete any manually inserted page breaks.

Click the Home tab to open the Find and Replace window. Click on the option Replace to open Find and Replace. Alternatively, you can press the tool’s Ctrl + H hotkey to open it.

Press the More >> button to expand the options in the window. Then click the Replace tab, which has Find Fields and Replace With Fields. Enter ‘^ m’ in the Find box and click the Replace All button . This will delete all manual page breaks.

Remove page breaks with a macro

MS Word includes a macro tool that you can use to record a sequence of selected options. Alternatively, you can set up macros by entering Visual Basic code in their module windows. So why not set up a macro that removes all page breaks from a document?

To set up a new macro, press the F11 key to open Word’s Visual Basic Editor. Then click the Insert tab and select Module to open a module window. Select the VBA code below and press Ctrl + C to copy it.

Subdelecolumnbreaks ()
With Selection.Find
.Text = “^ m”
.Replacement.Text = “”
.Forward = True
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = False
.MatchCase = False
. MatchWholeWord = false
.MatchByte = false
.MatchAllWordForms = false
.MatchSoundsLike = false
.MatchWildcards = false
.MatchFuzzy = false
end with
Selection.Find.Execute Replace: = wdReplaceAll
End Sub

Press Ctrl + V to paste the above VBA code into the module window. Then you can click the Run button to play the macro. The macro deletes the manually inserted page breaks in the document.

How to remove a page break in Word on a Mac

If you have a Mac, the process is pretty much the same as for a PC, except that instead of the Delete key, you can use the Backspace key , which is located at the top right of the keyboard.

How to delete a page break in Word Online

Do you need to remove some page breaks in a document but don’t have Word on hand? Do not despair: Contact Word Online, the web version of the famous recording software. Microsoft’s video software allows you to edit your documents directly in your browser for free and without additional software on your PC.

All you need is one of the most popular web browsers Chrome , Firefox o Safari and a Microsoft account , for example .

Word Online is based on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service (which I told you about in my special guide).

To edit a document in it, you must first upload it to OneDrive. To do this, connect to the homepage of onedrive, click the Go to my OneDrive button (if necessary), sign in with the Microsoft account, and drag the file you want to edit with Word Online into the Browser window.

At the end of the upload (you can track the progress of the process with the icon of the arrow click in the upper right corner on Document uploaded to OneDrive and it will automatically open in Word online .

To further remove page breaks, identify the latter in the document (the strings – page break – ), double click on it and press the remove key (o Backspace on Mac) on the keyboard.

To download the modified document to your PC, click the Archive button, at the top left select the Save As item from the bar that appears on the side and press the Download a Copy button .

Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the settings for page breaks that Word automatically adds to documents.

How to delete a page break in Word for smartphones and tablets

Word is also available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile and is free for all devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches or less (otherwise a subscription is required for Office 365 at a price of 7 euros / month).

This means that you can remove page breaks in a document from smartphones and tablets without turning on the PC.

To remove a page break in Word from your smartphone, launch the Microsoft software application and open the document you want to work on.

When you’re done, press the key … select the tab below to open the Word toolbar Home Home In the lower left drop-down menu, click “First” Paragraph Format and Paragraph Marks around all paragraph marks including page breaks (Strings) display – pagination – ).

At this point, all you have to do is reach the end of an interrupt signal and go to the virtual keyboard on your device and hit the backspace key to cancel the page break. The changes are automatically saved in the original file.

If you’re using a tablet, Word has the tabbed interface that’s typical of desktop systems. This means that it can behave very similarly to what we saw earlier in this chapter for Windows and MacOS. Select the Home tab. Click the button on the toolbar (top left) to display the paragraph markers (¶).

At that point, go to your device’s virtual keyboard and hit the backspace key to cancel it. The changes are automatically saved in the original file.

Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the settings for page breaks that Word automatically adds to documents on the smartphone or tablet..

How to customize automatic page breaks in Word

If you want to change the settings for page breaks that Word automatically adds to documents, select the Determination tab. In the program toolbar at the top, click on the area with an arrow next to Paragraph.

In the window that opens, select the Text Distribution tab and check the options that you prefer.

  • Widow/Orphan control – If you select this option, Word will place at least two lines of a paragraph at the beginning or end of a page.
  • Proceed to the next one – if you choose this option, Word will avoid inserting breaks between the paragraphs you want to keep together.
  • Keep the Lines Together – Selecting this option will prevent Word from inserting pauses in the middle of a paragraph.

If you don’t see the small square with arrow next to the Article Paragraph Tab Determination in Word, you can access the window to change the auto page break settings by right-clicking anywhere in the document and selecting the item Paragraph … from the menu displayed.