How to relieve stress: 6 healthy ways to cope

relieve stress

This guide outlines 6 healthy ways to relieve stress in your life and cope better!

Stress is everywhere. Work-life, relationships, insecurities, everything brings stress as extra baggage. Getting home early from work is thrilling, but the moment you step into your commute, you meet with traffic. Stressful, isn’t it?

Nobody is stress-free; everyone has his own story to tell. Sometimes it becomes hard to focus on anything in your life. You feel irritated and just want to give everything up to relax.

The ideal way to cope with your stress is to practise stress relief. It is not limited to people with severe stress and anxiety. But precisely everyone needs it to this day. Heading to the Canadian Pharmacy for medication is a routine to many.

6 ways to relieve stress

But several other lifestyle changes can help relieve stress and ease your mind and body healthily. Let me give you a brief of some practical ways to cope with your stress without medications:

Give Up Drinking And Smoking.

Alcohol and smoking affect not only our physical but also our mental health. You must have seen people smoking or drowning in alcohol to give themselves an outlet. But that is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. 

Alcohol and smoking are fatal to your heart, lungs, liver, and brain. You can feel elevated while drinking or smoking, but the after-effects are much worse. It is better to give up alcohol and cigarettes and find other ways to relieve stress. 

Do Breathing Practices

There are many breathing practices for several conditions. You can do breathing practices to keep yourself away from stress. As you may know, when someone is feeling rage, people suggest taking deep breaths.

Coping stressful moments with breathing does not let the stress build-up. You feel much more relaxed and free after a few deep breaths. And practising deep breathing can relieve stress and calms your nervous system naturally.

Give In To Sleep 

Late-night parties, work, binge-watching, or scrolling through the phone also build up stress. Your mind also needs rest to be healthy. Lack of sleep increases anxiety, rage, and frustration. It also hinders your memory, patience, activities that require brain power, and more.

You wake up feeling more energised and fresher when you go to bed early. So, Give in to your inviting bed sheets for better mental health and to relieve stress.

Interact With People

Keeping things to yourself and thinking about them over and over again when alone is not suitable for your well being. Connecting with people and making small conversations can be very stress-relieving. 

Research has shown that people who live alone have higher stress levels than those who live with friends or family. Whenever you feel stressed, try to take the heat off by interacting with people. 

Some people are more comfortable sharing their life events and worries with strangers. You can also try it and see what works best for you to relieve stress.

Avoid Junk Food, Caffeine, and Sugar

Stressful conditions increase our blood sugar levels. Taking an unhealthy and high carbs diet further worsens the situation. Many people love to eat junk foods and high-sugar drinks when they feel under the weather, But this might not help.

The same goes for caffeine: high levels of caffeine releases cortisol in the blood and lead to chronic stress. You should take less caffeine to elevate your mood, but avoid taking too much of it to relieve stress.

Get On The Go

Working out or staying active is the best ways to relieve stress. Any activity involving you on the go proves to be healthy for your mind and body. Walking in the park, jogging along the river, or doing light stretches at home can be miraculous.

Exercising increases blood circulation and freshens up your body. You can also practise meditation or yoga to take your mind off things that stress you out.


You will not see a person with zero stress level on any day. Everyone has their ways of dealing with it. But some simple life hacks can prove to be beneficial to relieve stress. You should incorporate them into your life for much better mental health.

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