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How to recycle tetra packs into planters

recycle tetra packs

Is there a way to recycle tetra packs? Yes, you can turn them into planters and it’s a great craft for kids as well.

What you need

True to the motto “make old from new”, we have many great upcycling ideas for you, how you can easily recycle used items. How about stylish DIY flower pots made of tetra pack bags, for example? Milk carton upcycling is quick, avoids unnecessary waste and looks great too! In our step-by-step instructions, we will show you how you can give used tetra packs a second life!

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  • Empty tetra packs of juice or milk
  • scissors
  • towel
  • markers
  • Flowers / plants / herbs
  • Fresh earth to refill

Recycle tetra packs: step-by-step instructions

Step 1: cut cartons

First, use a cutter knife to carefully cut the upper part of the milk cartons (approx. 5-6 cm). Then you rinse the bag with warm water and detergent.

Milk cartons upcycling recycle tetra packs

Step 2: Peel off the paper layer

Then knead the bag until the top paper layer can be removed and carefully pull it off. The layer can be removed particularly easily from the seam. You can attach an adhesive strip to the bottom of the floor for better grip.

Tetrapack upcycling
Tetrapack upcycling
Milk cartons upcycling

Step 3: design

If the bag is free of the top paper layer, you can fold the edge over twice and decorate the bag with patterns or sayings as you wish. The milk cartons shine particularly beautiful when painted with white, fresh colors. You simply apply this to the bag with a sponge!

recycle tetra packs
recycle tetra packs

Step 4: plant!

Now you can plant your herbs or flowers in the milk carton and your mini flower vase is ready! We chose the small Pilea plant. A little tip: The small pots are great as a souvenir or gift! How about, for example, fresh herb plants for cooking enthusiasts?

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One bag – many options: Empty tetra pack bags can also be reused as a utensil holder for pens and brushes, as a DIY gift packaging or business card case!