How to recognise signs that it’s time to change jobs

signs that it's time to change jobs

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What are the signs that it’s time to change jobs? Our guide will take you through some of the key clues that you should be looking elsewhere.

You don’t feel comfortable in your current job? Are you not in good hands with your current job? Do you spend an unusually long time on job portals ? Then now is the time to think about changing jobs — or at least to actively look around for new challenges.

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Key signs that it’s time to change jobs

signs that it's time to change jobs

You’re bored

This is one of the first signs that it’s time to change jobs! If you have too little to do in your job and have to surf the Internet, make calls and dream most of the time, you should consider changing jobs. Even if it is fun from time to time and convenient to do private things at work, this is not a permanent solution. If you are just bored, time will go much slower and you will go to work with displeasure every day.

Not a challenge

Do you feel like you can do everything and your activities repeat themselves to the intolerable? Of course there are jobs that come up against your limits in terms of challenges and are not as diverse. The question is whether new tasks and challenges are required or whether you are satisfied with solid, routine processes. If you are in the first category and would like to be challenged again, then start looking for a job .

Poor performance

Your involvement in the company leaves something to be desired, you can no longer identify with the company’s products or services, the feedback from your colleagues is mostly negative and you are also not satisfied with your performance? Maybe you ended up in the wrong job. Admit it yourself and be open to a new job. It doesn’t have to be overnight, but it shouldn’t go on like this in the long run.

Money is the only motivation

You go to work every day to make money every month? If you weren’t earning so well, would you keep on at this job? You are missing the joy of work. Ask yourself whether you have a pleasant time at work or whether money money money is more important. Wouldn’t it be better for you to work for another company where you earn less but feel much better? A low salary on the other hand can also be a reason to look for something new.

Too much work and too little life

You’re suffering burnout. Do you work far more than agreed in the contract? Overtime accumulates and is not rewarded. Do you have to check your emails and be ready for the company even on non-working days? If the work-life balance is not well balanced, you and your health are not doing well. Problems at the job are part of it and not everything runs smoothly. But if you are still working without wanting, it is high time to look for new tasks – even if it is not that easy.

Or maybe you’re just tired of what surrounds you. Same city, same people, same traffic jams and same troubles every day. Why not trying to change just everything? Moving into another city for a couple of months, renting an apartment, using a fresh start? Renting a camper van and exploring the USA? Living in the countryside and enjoying cleaner air? Change the perspective and don’t worry about your income, because finding a job to work from home has never been so easy.