When & how to prune roses correctly

Cutting roses

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Roses are not only a highlight in any garden, but also much easier to prune than most people think. What you should pay attention to, we show you in this article with a guide for when & how to prune roses correctly.

When & how to prune roses: 1. the right time

Like every plant, the rose has its own time when it should be cut. It depends on other factors in each season:

Spring: The cut in spring is the most important for roses. An exact date for the day can not be determined, here it depends especially on the regional weather influences. Cut your roses, however, only if no long and strong frost is reported.

Summer: In summer, the rose cut only serves as a part of the old, withered shoots. That’s why, throughout the summer, you can take care of your rose by cutting out withered shoots. You do not have to do that in one day.

Rose Style: Pay attention to the nature of your rose. You should definitely cut more flowering roses in the spring and once flowering roses only after flowering. Therefore, inform yourself beforehand about your rose type.

When & how to prune roses correctly: 2. The right cut

There are some techniques that you need to watch out for when cutting your rose. In addition, the right tool is crucial:
Tools: You need a sharp rose or secateurs. Do some trial cuts to see if the scissors really cut and not just squeeze the branch off. Wear appropriate gloves to protect from thorns.

Here’s how: Cut the branches at an angle. As a result, can not hold water at the cut point. This prevents fungal formation at the interface. For the best result, your cut should always sit at least 0.5 to 1 centimeter over a bud.

General: Cut from the center to the outside. First, remove the inner shoots to create lighting within the rose bush. Then cut the outward growing shoots. Finally, take the thin and broken branches.

Spring pruning: For more flowering roses you can make a strong cut in spring. Broken shoots cut very low on healthy white wood, frozen shoots on the tips. The trick: An extremely pruned rose blooms in summer all the more.
Note: There are a large number of rose species. If you are not sure if you need to cut back on your rose and what time to start, ask at a specialty store or gardener.

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