How to prevent wear of the car gearbox

prevent wear of the car gearbox

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Repairs to the gearbox are often expensive. Usually even the entire transmission has to be changed. However, the good news is that there are a few steps you can take to conserve your gearbox and extend the life of the circuit. These measures can make a big difference to prevent wear of the car gearbox and you can save a lot of repair costs.

Prevent wear of the car gearbox: 5 tips

1. Check fluid level

Due to the gear oil, the circuit works smoothly and precisely. If you notice that the circuit is getting hiccup or you hear strange noises when switching, you should check the level and condition of the transmission fluid. This prevents consequential damage and the circuit works much easier again after changing the fluid. In addition, it is a small task to measure the level of the gear oil, that is, with a small amount of time, you can extend the life of your gearbox quite a bit.

2. Have problems with the gearbox removed immediately

If you notice something is wrong with the transmission, you should have it checked and repaired immediately. Signs of possible transmission damage include rattling or clacking noises from the transmission, jerking of the vehicle, engine idling even when the gear is on, an unstable gear shift where the gear often pops out, or a hard-working gear lever. If you detect any of these symptoms and do not have them checked, long-term expensive consequential damages can occur.

3. Pay attention to your driving style

Especially with a manual transmission, your driving style has a huge impact on the life of the transmission. Therefore, make sure that you change the gears cleanly and easily. Push the clutch pedal all the way down and do not engage the gears with great force. If a lot of power is needed to engage a gear, it indicates a problem and you should be aware of that.

In general, it makes more sense to think about how you will drive ahead. This allows you to do without many unnecessary gear changes and thus increase the life of your transmission.

4. Follow the inspection intervals

The manufacturer’s specifications for inspections also include measures for the care of the gearbox. In the service booklet of your car, you will find information about when and how often the transmission oil should be changed.

Experienced mechanics can also detect defects early and repair them before expensive damage occurs. Therefore, it is best to ask the mechanic during your next visit to the garage if they can also briefly check your gearbox and gearbox oil level.

5. Pay attention to how you use your automatic transmission

prevent wear of the car gearbox

You drive a car with automatic transmission? Many automatic drivers switch from gear D to reverse even while the car is rolling forward. This is an extreme burden for the transmission. You should make sure that the car comes to a stop before changing gears. Otherwise, the gearbox will wear out unnecessarily quickly and damage can not be avoided in the event of high wear.

Especially when you hear strange noises, this indicates problems in the transmission. So you should always make sure that the transmission works quietly and without jerking. Otherwise, you should hire an expert to troubleshoot before the damage increases and the transmission completely denies its service.

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