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How to plant oregano correctly

Plant oregano correctly

Oregano is a popular spice and medicinal plant that you can easily plant yourself. How to do it and what to look for is explained in this guide for how to plant oregano correctly.

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Plant oregano correctly: what to consider

Location: Oregano comes from warm and sunny regions, so you should choose a sheltered location that is surrounded by plenty of light, especially when the sun is rising and setting.
Soil: The soil does not need to be specially prepared. It’s enough if you loosen it slightly and scatter some compost. This will get all the needed nutrients into the soil.

Time: Oregano may be sown only when no frost is to be feared. Seed the seeds at the beginning of May at the earliest, until then, the majority of the frosty nights is over. If frost does occur, cover the seeds or young plants overnight.

Sowing: Do not put the oregano seeds in the ground, but lay them loose on the ground. If the seeds are placed under the ground, you will get too little light and will not grow. Keep at least 20 centimeters away from other plants.

Watering: If there is too much water or waterlogging, the plants will take over. Therefore, only rarely water the plants. In case of larger rainfall in the summer you should protect the plants from the rain with the aid of a stretched foil or tarpaulin.
Tip: Pull the plants into flower pots on your windowsill starting in March, they will be more robust and can withstand even lower temperatures. Ideally, the windowsill is facing south.

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