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How to pick best sunglasses for face shape

best sunglasses for face shape

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In summer, it’s an absolute must-have: the sunglasses. It decorates every face, makes your summer look perfect and also protects you from harmful UV radiation. But how do you pick best sunglasses for face shape?

Which sunglasses suits me?

We will tell you: Which shape of glasses is best for you, so that you are guaranteed to find the perfect sunglasses for you! Basically, one can say that the shape of your sunglasses should not be too similar to your face shape, but rather opposite. This results in the following matches for the best sunglasses for face shape:

Heart-shaped face: round or oval glasses


Typical for a heart-shaped face is a wide forehead and pronounced cheekbones, whereas the chin is rather narrow and pointed.

Sunglasses with oval or round lenses are particularly suitable for this face shape, as they visually balance the wide forehead and the narrow chin area. If you have this face shape you should do without glasses with square glasses, as these make your face appear more distinctive. Also so-called pilot glasses are rather unfavorable, as they direct the view to the chin.

Round face: Angular glasses


With a round face, all parts of the face are the same. Cheeks and forehead are about the same width and that chin is rather round shaped.

If you have this face shape forming angular glasses a particularly nice contrast, they make your face look narrower overall. However, you should avoid round or oval glasses, as they make your face look even rounder.

Angular face: Round glasses

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With an angular face, the forehead, cheeks and chin are uniformly broad. The jaw is rather pronounced.

If you have a rather angular face, I recommend sunglasses with round or oval glasses. They make your face look softer. The pilot’s goggles also fit perfectly with this type of face. Edgeless or fine eyeglass frames loosen the strict facial features. On the other hand, you should do without glasses with square glasses, as they make you look stricter.

Oval face: Round, angular, extravagant


An oval face is about twice as long as it is wide.

With this face shape you can basically wear all glasses shapes. You should just make sure that the size of the glasses flatters your face.

Sunglasses: Fashionable accessory with sun protection function

Sunglasses are considered the fashionable summer accessory, but they can look much more than just good! They protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation, or UV for short. Even if the sun’s rays do not shine directly into our faces, UV radiation is ubiquitous during the day and can lead to acute and chronic damage to the eye. That’s why I recommend that you always wear UV-protected sunglasses that completely cover your eyes during a long outdoor trip. A super helpful tip regarding the UV filter: When purchasing your fashion statement, be sure to check the CE seal. You will usually find it on the inside of the handle. The symbol assures you that the glasses offer a good protection against UV rays and thus comply with safety standards. You can also have your sunglasses checked by an optician. What most people don’t know, even a lateral sunlight is dangerous! Your sunglasses protect you when it sits close to the eye and also has wide handles that ward off stray light from the side. Attention! If your sunglasses don’t have UV protection, it hurts you more than it benefits you! The tinting of the glasses prevents the natural protective mechanism of man. Darkened glasses no longer narrow our pupils in daylight and UV rays reach the eye unhindered. The tinting of your glasses does not play a role in the topic of ultraviolet radiation, but only serves the look and comfort. It reduces the light that shines “brightly” on your eye.

I hope I could give you helpful tips for your sunglasses purchase and you will find the perfect sunglasses for you!