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How to paint windows correctly

Paint window

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Windows need a protective coating to last. Even small cracks in the paint lead to the penetration of moisture. We’ll show you how to paint windows correctly.

At some point, even the windows gnaw the ravages of time, and the renovation is on. It is not too bad! Because modern window coatings allow it by their short drying time that you can create the complete coat in a single day. But there are also some things to consider.

Paint windows correctly: This is how you proceed

Brushing the paint for the window

You need to paint the window: paint bowl, maybe a paint roller and a paint sponge, ring brush, oval brush, slash markers, sand paper, window paint tape, Japan spatula and universal spatula.

When painting the window you should make sure that the surface is always clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Especially kitchen windows often have grease stains, which must be removed first.

So first clean the windows with a grease-dissolving cleaner, for example with detergent , and after sanding , wipe the frames with a dry cloth again. Equally important is the weather during paint work, because the temperature should not be below + 5 ° C, nor should the window be painted in direct sunlight.

Another tip for masking the window pane: Do not use normal painter’s tape. Better use the special “Painter Crepe Window” from Tesa. This masking tape can be removed without leaving any residue even after days of sun exposure.

Paint window: the right painting sequence

Begin the window painting with the frame fold , followed by the window frame . Only when the fixed part of the window is finished, the sash rebate is painted. Make sure that no paint in the window mechanism (window gear) runs, because that would later lead to significant deficiencies and at worst put the transmission out of action. This is followed by the sash cross-pieces and the vertical timber of the sash.

Remove the window correctly: Instructions

Remove rubber seal
Before starting the painting work, the complete rubber seal of the window sash is carefully removed.

Delete window: Should the paint completely be removed?
If you want to completely remove the old varnish , we do not recommend sanding the window because it will cause a lot of work and dust. Instead, you have the following two options:

The paint is scraped off using a hot air dryer and spatula. The paint is heated so much that it blows and almost peels off automatically.
With a chemical paint remover, which is painted on with a brush. After a contact time of about 15 minutes, the paint layers are dissolved and can be lifted off with the spatula. Both works must be carried out with the windows open, as it leads to harmful vapors.

gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.