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How to paint a radiator easily

paint a radiator easily

Radiators can yellow or discolour over time, or the paint slowly crumbles. In this case, you should paint the radiator. Here is our step-by-step guide to paint a radiator easily. 

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1. Don’t overdo it

From time to time it is necessary to renovate a heater. Many landlords do this after a certain number of years. However, you should not overdo the paint, because the more color there is on the heater, the less heat comes through. If the original white has become yellowish over time, then it really looks very ugly. So that such a thing cannot happen, many paint the radiators in the apartment from the outset in a color matching the entire apartment furnishing. If your radiators also require a new coat of paint, then it is best to follow our step-by-step instructions when painting.

Here’s what you need:

Heat-resistant and environmentally friendly acrylic-based heating coatings are best. These have the advantage that you do not yellow. In addition to classic white, there are also a lot of radiator lacquers with special effects. Of course, there are also a lot of ready-to-tone paints, which come without special effects. Get a special radiator brush for the hard-to-reach areas. A colour roll with a long handle that fits between the heating grooves is also recommended.

2. Paint a radiator easily – step by step instructions

Step 1:
First, turn off the heater. Then cover the floor around the radiator with a painter’s foil or with newsprint.

Step 2:
You should grind rusty areas and loose old paints with a wire brush or with some sanding paper with a grain of 200. Rub the rusty spots until they shine metallic. You must then paint these areas with rust protection. Let everything dry and roughen the areas again with sandpaper. Then roughen the entire radiator.

Step 3:
Before you can start painting, you must also thoroughly clean the radiator. Fat, dirt and grinding dust get you away well with a soapy liquor.

Step 4:
Once this is done, you should either glue valves and fittings off or unscrew them.Swipe them over, then glue them with color. As a result, they can no longer be rotated or opened.

Step 5:
Now you can start swiping. It is best to swipe from one side to the other. Make sure that you apply the color evenly. To achieve a good result, you should let everything dry and then paint the entire radiator again. You must now let this coat of paint dry for several days. It is important that you now ventilate the room regularly so that the smell of colour disperses.

If you want to make your work a little easier, you can also use special radiator paint sprays. With such a spray you can paint the radiators in your apartment even faster.