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How to organise your wardrobe: smart methods and tips

organise your wardrobe

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Cleaning up is worthwhile: After all, a neat wardrobe ensures that you’re done faster every morning. With our tips, you will easily be able to organise your wardrobe, the whole thing is done in no time – and stays that way.

Hang shoes on the door

Not enough storage space in the shoe cabinet? There is a great solution: hang high-heeled models such as pumps or peep toes on towel rails or decorative stucco moldings (from the hardware store) on the wall. Just look for three to four mutually attached rods on which the shoes are sorted by color or style. The organisation trick for shoes: models that you wear constantly, put forward on the shelf, so you have the right pair to hand if you need to get out the door fast in the morning. Here you can arrange again by color.

Make the most of the space

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Clothes rails and shelves can usually be mounted in the closet at will. Optimally, the rod is set at eye level. It should hang the parts that you wear most often – folded so that they do not wrinkle. Often it is also convenient to superimpose two poles on top of one another to hang uppers and down pants. But you have more pieces to lay? Then additional shelves are the solution. Great alternative for small cabinets: a kind of mini-shelf made of fabric, which is hung on the clothes rail.

Create categories in the system

Sorting is the key to keeping a good overview of the wardrobe. Therefore, divide the garments hanging on the pole into groups: dresses, blazers, blouses, etc. Within each category, you can sort by job and leisure or by sleeve length and neckline , then by color. It is best to always use the same method. Even with folded parts such as sweaters, T-shirts and pants you have a much better overview, if you go after this system. If you wear many parts exclusively in the job, it is worthwhile to have a separate stack for office pants.

Use jewelry as decoration

Chains, earrings and bracelets do not just look great when you wear them. In glass caskets with brass frames, they are not only clearly stored, but a great eye-catcher on the windowsill or the dresser. Especially if you stack several boxes in different sizes. But better not put in the bathroom, there it is too humid – box with contents could rust. Tip: A piece of felt on the glass bottom protects high quality pieces from scratches.

Put order in the drawer

Finding the right pair of panties to the bra can sometimes take time. Drawer dividers help against chaotic tangles of bras and briefs or socks and tights and are the next step when you organise your wardrobe. Bras are then spread, panties folded and socks paired in a row. If you arrange everything so that it overlaps slightly, you have a good overview. Here, too, can be ordered again in color.