How to open a frozen lock

open a frozen lock

Unlocking a car door on a cold frozen winter morning

What can you do to open a frozen lock on your car, house or bike? We will show you which home remedies can help with a frozen door lock and give you tips for prevention.

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3 ways to open a frozen lock

1. Unlock door lock: It can also be done without a de-icing

Owners of older cars can sing a song about it: If you don’t have a remote control for your car yet, but have to put the key to unlock ingthe car in the keyhole, you often have the problem, especially in winter, that you don’t get into the car so easily. 

De-icing spray is the saviour in need to reopen the door lock. But you can also use hot water. This natural de-icing is more environmentally friendly and cheaper than de-icing sprays.  It’s best when you use hot water, that you start gradually, to avoid doing any damage to the lock.

A hot-air paint stripping gun — or even a hairdryer — can also be used to help melt the ice and release the lock without resorting to chemical sprays.

2. Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is a clever home remedy when it comes to saving the door lock from freezing. In the evening, simply glue a piece of film over the keyhole. This prevents freezing and you can easily open the car the next morning. The door lock has never been frozen again.

This trick also works with any other lock. You can also use it with the bicycle lock,the garage lock, the ignition lock of motorcycle or the front door lock and prevent the freezing.

3. Prevent a frozen lock with a universal spray

If you want to avoid this problem completely, then you can also pre-treatthe door locks with a universal spray. Such sprays displace moisture, which means that the door locks no longer freeze.