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How to not be bored: strategies, tips – and when boredom is a good thing!

how to not be bored

Outlines how to not be bored, with a range of strategies, explains the different types of boredom, and when boredom actually has benefits. What can you do against boredom? A lot! With our tips against boredom, you can make life and work engaging again. 

Boredom doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The feeling of boredom – for which there is no generally applicable definition, by the way – also includes opportunities. After all, boredom means that you have time to do something for yourself between all the challenges in everyday life and at work. Boredom is the perfect starting point to leave the old behind, discover new things and get to know yourself and your fellow human beings better.

Despite a full meeting calendar, never-ending to-do lists and one social event after another, are you bored? Or are you bored with your job? Congratulation! The boredom is an invitation to find out what you can change in order to live a life that you really want. 

Good to know: boredom is a complex psychological phenomenon. Persistent boredom and listlessness are a sign that something is not going as it should and can even make you sick. Have you been bored for a long time and have the feeling that you cannot change anything yourself and that you are stuck? Then seek professional help.

How to not be bored: Types of boredom

You can basically divide boredom into four different types. You can find out which ones are below:

  • Existential boredom: This form is self-related. Feelings of inner unrest arise in the person concerned. You don’t know what to do with your time. Most of all, you don’t know what to do with yourself.
  •  Occasional boredom: For example, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for the bus or sitting in the waiting room, you often feel bored. You have to bridge the time and there is no other way to escape the situation.
  • Weary boredom: This type of boredom is subject-related. A person or a specific topic, but just as easily parts of the work, can bore you.
  • Creative boredom: Here, too, you are again in a state of inner restlessness, a restless nothingness. However, with this style you can turn your boredom into something positive and creative. You are able to create new states.

Bore-Out Syndrome

The bore-out syndrome often occurs with constant underload. It can happen to anyone , whether at work, at school or in sports. Too few tasks in life make those affected bored and feel under-challenged . Motivation suffers, but so does the results. Concentration decreases and mistakes happen. The first symptoms are drive and listlessness , followed by tiredness, sleep disorders and extreme irritability. Not everyone who is bored in the office suffers from bore-out syndrome, but the symptoms should be taken seriously. It’s the opposite of burnout.

How to not be bored: What you can do about boredom

Today is probably one of those days when you just can’t get anywhere and don’t know what to do with yourself. You don’t feel like doing something, don’t want to leave the house and prefer to leave your cozy sweatpants on? You are listless and doing nothing stresses you more than it relaxes you. Here are twelve tips for you to make boring days a thing of the past.

Leave boredom to itself

Sit down and just don’t do anything. See what happens when you don’t fight boredom. You take time for yourself, you can go deep inside and think about your goals in life or your current situation. The best thing to do is to put your smartphone aside and the outside world will no longer be available for the near future. Write down all of your thoughts that go through your head. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I want to achieve in life?
  • What am i dreaming of
  • Am I happy with my current situation?
  • Which countries do I want to travel to?

Write a to-do list

You can grab a piece of paper and a pen and write yourself a to-do list to help combat the boredom and listlessness that comes with it. Or you can use the time you have now and design your own bullet journal. So you can let off steam creatively and also bring order into your life. Write your list in order of importance and prioritize. Perhaps you will start with something that gives you pleasure and that you have pushed back over and over again for a long time due to lack of time.

Try your hand at a DIY

DIY projects are also a great way to fight boredom. You don’t have to be particularly creative or talented to do that. Do you want to learn knitting or sewing , find out whether you are a skilled handcraft or if you have a creative streak in you? Then take a look at videos on the Internet or read through detailed instructions. You can also take classes or ask family and friends if they can help you. The project doesn’t have to be done in a day. But have a goal in mind that motivates you to keep going.

Redesign your room

A new wall paint, wall tattoos or rearranged furniture have given many a room a new look. A few new pictures can also give your apartment a new feeling of cosiness. Especially if you take photos or paint yourself , you can chase away your boredom and listlessness for a few hours.

Clean out your closet

Everyone knows the phenomenon. You stand in front of your closet and have nothing to wear, even though it is full to the brim. Now would be a good time to put an end to the whole mess. Find out what’s hiding in the depths of your closet. It is best to set aside the clothes you wear regularly first. Now you have a look at what else your wardrobe has to offer. Everything that you haven’t worn in more than six months will be gone.

Read a good book

It’s bad weather outside, it’s cold and raining. Then you probably want to wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket again quickly. Take the opportunity to read a good book again. Maybe it’s been on your bedside table for weeks and you’ve never found the time to start with it before.

Get out into nature

How about a walk through the park or along a river. Perhaps you even live near a forest and can let nature work its magic. Use the time to let your mind wander and feel the fresh air on your face. But you can also grab your bike and go on a bike tour if you don’t like walking. So you not only do something about your boredom and listlessness, but also something good for your body.

Try a new sport

You don’t have a special hobby or you don’t enjoy your current sport as much anymore? Then it’s time for something new. Think about what you always wanted to do, but so far you haven’t had the time. How about some yoga or gymnastics? Perhaps you are also interested in canoeing or you have always wanted to see the world from the back of a horse. Then find out more and it is best to start today.

Have a wellness day

Do you quickly forget yourself in your stressful everyday life and the only beauty program a day is your morning routine ? Then treat yourself and your body to some relaxation and wellness again. It’s easy to do from home. Have a bubble bath , light a few candles and make yourself a soothing face mask.

Get involved in volunteering

Go deep inside and think about the skills you can use to help others. You can volunteer in churches, in the community center, as well as the Red Cross and many other organizations. So you are not only doing something about your boredom, but also something good for the world.

Plan your next trip

Pick up travel guides and an atlas and do some research on the internet to find out where your next trip should go. Make a detailed plan, look at your current budget and dream of the next vacation .

Games against boredom

Don’t feel like cleaning up or exercising, how about a few games? Whether alone, as a couple or in a group. If you don’t have a partner right now, solve a Sudoku or take on the challenge and try your hand at a large puzzle.

Positive aspects of boredom

Feeling bored is not bad at all and will not harm you. You have to give your body a break from time to time. In today’s society there is constant overstimulation and even when you take a break, you are likely to scroll through your notifications on your smartphone.

New things are constantly being drawn into your attention. This may make it difficult for you to focus on one thing for a long time. You have an ever shorter attention span and it is becoming more and more difficult to think about complex issues. You try to suppress boredom. Therefore, you may often deal with topics that are actually not of interest to you. However, doing so will waste valuable time.

Below are seven positive aspects of boredom. They make it clear why it is so important not to be energized all the time, but to give your body and mind a break from time to time.

You have time to think

You can use the time and think about your future, dreams and plans. Just let your thoughts wander and don’t set any limits. Use this phase to deal with the essential questions.

You can sleep faster and better

Boredom is a great help against stress. If you lie in bed in the evening, allow yourself to be bored and try not to worry about the next few days. This creates an inner restlessness that keeps you awake. So go to bed with a clear head .

You are more creative

It often helps if you don’t think everything through carefully from start to finish. Sometimes it’s better to just get started. This way you are more creative and can let your thoughts run free . Do exactly what you feel like doing. To start a picture to paint, do not plan every step and you will notice how easy it is suddenly.

You are ready for something new

Is everyday life too boring for you and you have to do the same all the time? Has everything become a routine for you and you long to try something new? Whether it’s a sport, a new recipe or a project, your boredom helps you dare to try something new. There are tons of pastimes you can try – alone or with friends.

Your brain can work better

You spent the day productively studying. As soon as you finish, you will find that you have nothing more to do Shortly afterwards you notice how bored you are. But let yourself be bored, because by doing nothing, the knowledge learned or the new skills can be better stored in the brain .

Your body needs rest periods

In order for you to stay healthy, your body needs rest so that it can regenerate. Meditation and mindfulness exercises have a positive effect on your health and are particularly good in times of boredom. Use this time to go deep inside and get rid of the stress of everyday life .

You can focus on the little things

Let yourself be influenced by your sensory impressions. It’s often the little things, like strolling down a street or watching clouds, that you can use to get rid of your boredom quickly. You don’t need a cell phone for that. It is good for your soul if you allow yourself some rest and relaxation.

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