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How to make homemade hair care soap

Homemade soap

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Soaps are generally very popular for washing hands and body. But why not in hair care? We clarify you about the pros and cons of this hair care method in this guide to easily make homemade hair care soap.

Homemade hair care soap: a good alternative?

Hair soap had a long time the prejudice to dry out the hair. But is this charge still justified? For some soaps this may certainly be true. The reason for this is that natural glycerols are removed from the soap during the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, there are now some natural product manufacturers who have dealt with the production of good hair soaps without depriving the necessary glycerine when you make homemade hair care soap. 

These high quality soaps can be even healthier for your hair than shampoo, conditioner and co, as they contain no surfactants and silicones. Surfactants are foam-forming substances that remove dirt particles from clothing. The negative is that they can also lead to dry skin and mucous membranes.

So you use them

Your hair should be really moist before you apply the soap. The different soaps themselves, of course, there are great differences, some you foam only in the hand before you apply it to the hair, others you can stroke directly over the scalp. The foam effects vary greatly. Some soaps seem to have almost no foam, while others almost foam. But even if your soap does not foam, that’s not a bad sign. 

The hair initially feels a bit sticky, which is due to the low fat content, which is not harmful at all for the hair. Massage the soap well into the scalp before rinsing it thoroughly. Not surprised! After washing, your hair will initially feel drier than normal, which is normal, because the natural soaps contain no artificial plasticizers. 

However, this effect is very helpful especially for quickly greasy hair, because thanks to the soap you do not have to wash them as often as before, because the approach stays nice and dry longer. Do not be put off by the first wash! The hair soap is first getting used to, but your hair structure will quickly get used to it.

Which soap is the right one?

The compositions of the hair soap are the deciding factor for which soap is most suitable for your hair structure. In order to select the right soap, one should pay particular attention to the respective Überfettungsgrad, that is how many unsaponified oils contains the soap. Unseasoned oils are oils that stay in the hair after washing. 

A high degree of superfatting is therefore highly recommended, especially for dry hair, while greasy hair types should rather choose a low degree of superfatting. Basically, it can then be said that oils such as avocado oil, babassu oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, hemp oil and grapeseed oil care better than, for example, palm oil and coconut oil.

Our conclusion

We are generally very fond of natural soaps, even if they are a bit more expensive than regular shampoos. However, it avoids the harmful plastic packaging of industrially manufactured care products. Of course, there are also shampoos with no or few surfactants and silicones and best in glass bottles, which can also be used well, but the hair soap is definitely a very good way for your hair care.