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How to make your own DIY cosmetic storage box

DIY cosmetic storage box

Are you looking for a storage option for your beauty items that no else one owns? Then we have a great unique item for you. With our instructions, it’s easy to create your very own, individual DIY cosmetic storage box.

You know this: the make-up builds up over the years, you have some products, but stowage options often look ugly and so ends up all hidden and confused in a drawer. So that you have your favorite products and cosmetic brushes always at hand, we have prepared a beautiful DIY decoration idea for you: our DIY cosmetic storage box. This gives you a handy and attractive place to keep all your cosmetics organised, and is a unique way to express your own individuality.

DIY cosmetic storage box: how you do it

You need a piece of paper, pens, a box, solid cardboard, a ruler, a cutter or a pair of scissors and paint.

DIY cosmetic storage box

1. First draw the outline of your box on the paper. Measure the size of the desired products, such as the lipsticks that will later be in the compartments. With this information you can divide your box into individual compartments. Then you still measure the height of the box. Use the template you just worked on to continue working. According to your measurements, you make the individual compartments made of cardboard.

2. You must cut in slots at regular intervals so that the cardboard pieces can be put together later.

3. Once you have all the compartments cut together, you can test whether they fit together. If this is the case, you can then paint the individual subjects with your desired color.

4. Allow the paint to dry well before putting the trays back together.

5. Decorate the box if necessary with the theme. Our box was decorated with our favorite lipsticks and beautiful eyelashes.