How to make your home ready for summer: simple strategies

ready for summer

This guide outlines several simple things you can do to make your home ready for summer, and meet the heat well prepared.

No sooner have we entered spring than we are already beginning to think about summer. Now is the perfect time to get ready for summer and adapt the house for the hottest days. Colorful, bright environments, with a green touch and fresh aromas are solutions to leave the house with a more pleasant atmosphere. With a few small changes it is possible to color the environment and make it more refreshing.

It is possible to prepare the house for the summer without major renovations, just by reorganizing the space. It is not necessary to change the entire house, just make adjustments in the decoration and enjoy the season.

Tips to make your home ready for summer

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, it’s time to get your home ready for summer. Consider this as a sign to wake up from winter hibernation and step into a brighter and lighter season. In this guide, we’re summarising a checklist to get your home summer-ready. Take a look.

Do a Deep Clean

It becomes harder to do everyday chores when it’s gloomy outside. But you can’t use the weather as an excuse anymore. Put on a groovy playlist or a podcast and get to cleaning. Doing a deep clean is especially important if you or your family are prone to allergies.

Spring cleaning should be practiced every season of the year, but most of all when you are getting ready for summer. It doesn’t take much: first, make a round of your entire house and, mercilessly, sort out everything that you no longer use or that don’t match your style. 

Start with small places, like a living room drawer, until you reach the closet. Select from clothes to kitchen items for donation, also keeping what we only use in winter – your closet, for example, should be completely transformed, leaving tank tops, shorts, salts and dresses highlighted in place of scarves, bonnets and coats more heavy.

After the clean out, it is normal to need to relocate some objects and assign new functions to drawers that were left empty. At this stage, take the opportunity and do a thorough and thorough cleaning, even leaving the grout on the bathroom tiles sparkling clean. When you’re done, you’ll barely recognize your own home – and from there, just follow our basic house-cleaning checklist to keep the job well done .

Open Up

All the furniture placed close together, packed with cushions and blankets can make your home feel stuffy. You should reconsider the layout of the room to make it feel airier and ready for summer. Store away excessive soft furnishings and decor to make your home appear spacious.

Upgrade Lighting

Dim and soft lighting creates the perfect ambience for cold days. For summer, we suggest making your interiors brighter with new lighting fixtures. In addition to natural light, replace soft lights with white bulbs that will properly illuminate your home. You can also hang up mirrors and other reflective decors to further brighten up the place. It’s also a good idea to compare electricity providers NSW and switch to a competitive plan.

Switch Up the Colour Pallet

Rich and vibrant hues are a great choice when you want to feel cosy. However, they don’t work as well for the summer. Instead, we suggest switching up your decor palette to lighter and neutral colours to get ready for summer.

The season itself is already colorful. So, nothing better than enjoying and bringing this joy into your home. A simple, wildcard way is to use tropical prints. It can be used on a pillow, blanket for the sofa, or even on a new wallpaper for any room.

You can go all out by repainting the wall a new shade. But if that’s too much work, you can still achieve a similar effect by replacing curtains, upholstery, cushion covers, rugs and other soft furnishings.

Get Your Aircon Serviced

Hot days can become unbearable without air conditioning. Rather than sweating buckets, it would be best to get your air conditioner serviced at the start of spring to be ready for summer heat. You can even attempt basic tasks such as cleaning or replacing the air filters. Servicing the air conditioner will ensure it functions properly and also prevents breakdowns.

Replace Thick Bedding

Nobody wants to feel hot and clammy on a warm day. That’s why you should replace your thick bedding and woollen blankets with lighter linens. This is also applicable for cushions on your sofa and armchairs.

Incorporate Natural Accessories

There is nothing that screams summer more than natural accessories. After all, who doesn’t want a boho and beachy appeal? From woven storage baskets to wicker outdoor chairs, there are endless options available.

Bring in Greenery

Speaking of natural elements, how about bringing the outdoors inside? A versatile solution – and connected to the season – are plants and flowers. Indoor plants are an easy and affordable way to add a fresh touch to your home. Not to mention, they also bring a pop of colour. Snake plants, Bromeliads, Jade, Pothos and ​​Chinese Money plants, are some of the easiest plants to keep alive. Leaves such as maranta and rib-of-adam are also on the rise. There are also plants capable of softening the heat.

Apart from plants, you can also decorate your home with fresh flowers. Responsible for bringing a refreshing air, they leave the space full of life and perfume. Try also using dahlias, daisies and orchids, suitable for this time of year.

Get Fresh Scents

Scents are an excellent way to distinguish various seasons. In addition to the decoration, arriving home and being immersed in a smell that conveys a feeling of well-being, leaving the discomfort caused by the heat on the street, and a well-deserved treat.

To provide mood and energize the home ready for summer, bet on diffusers and aromatizers with refreshing fragrances such as lavender, orange and rosemary. Your home was probably filled with sweet vanilla and musky scents during the colder months. For the summer, we suggest choosing citrusy, floral and beachy scents.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Space

Now that it’s no longer winter, there is no reason to spend your evening snuggling on the couch. Turning the outside area into a comfortable space where all your friends will want to have fun can be easier than it sounds. To enjoy the sun during the day, and a cooler breeze in the late afternoon, it’s worth investing in chairs, loungers and tables to hold a lot of people, drinks and snacks.

Additionally, consider shopping for outdoor kitchen drawers so that everything is still organized, including your snacks, utensils, and other items you need for your outdoor kitchen. This will help to reduce clutter and encourage safety while you and your guests are having a good time.

An umbrella, in addition to being charming, protects you on the hottest sunny days. Make the most of this gorgeous weather by decking out your outdoor space. Furnish it with comfortable seating and hang up fairy lights to create the perfect ambience ready for summer entertaining.

Wrapping Up

Giving your home a summer makeover is a wonderful way to revitalise your space. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips inspire you to create breezy, delightful and interiors ready for summer.

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