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How to make secret compartments in furniture

make secret compartments in furniture

A bank locker or a private safe is safe, clear. But who needs such a thing when you have made furniture with a secret compartment for valuables? Our guide shows how to make secret compartments in furniture.

Make a quick and easy way to implement the new hiding ideas, which are highly secure and can be implemented quickly and easily. 

Ideas to make secret compartments in furniture

Hidden shelf compartment

The first idea (pictured above) to make secret compartments in furniture is based on the well-known Ikea shelf “Lack”. Here we have made a hidden drawer in such a way that, if it is well painted, it is indistinguishable from the Ikeas helves. The board could then be combined with proper “paint” shelves and no one will notice that there is a secret compartment in it.

Of course, our drawer hideout also works as a solo furniture. As material costs you should calculate about eight euros plus paint and some filler for the compounds. Another tip about the narrow strips: If you can’t cut the MDF into narrow strips yourself, just switch to pine wood strips. But make sure the bars are absolutely straight.

And so the hiding place is opened: Like a slipcase, the board can be pulled forward and thus releases the contents.

The depth of our board is based on the Ikea shelf “Lack” with 26 cm. Of course, you can also take any other measurements, but we recommend that you build the board not deeper than 30 cm for constructive reasons.

make secret compartments in furniture

The 1 cm thick MDF plates and strips are joined together by means of express glue and torque force and still connected with small screws. It is essential to pre-drill the screw holes.

Halved wooden dowels in blind holes inside the slipcase serve as a stop, so that it remains secure on the tray.

The tray consists of MDF and a white coated HDF plate (hard fiber). As glue we recommend lacquer glue or an assembly adhesive. If the tray is glued and screwed, it is attached to the wall.

After it is painted, the slipcase is placed on the tray and the tipping strip is screwed on from below.

Mirror compartment

Let’s face it, would you suspect a valuables compartment behind the mirror? Certainly not. The small photo below clearly shows how flat the entire construction is, namely 4 cm, because the front frame with the 40 x 50 cm large mirror grips about 1.7 cm over the rear!

This is also the reason why the rear frame must be almost 2 centimeters lower. Because the mirror frame needs the space at the bottom in order to be able to swing up smoothly. For this secret compartment you should calculate the following material costs: pine wood strips approx. $11, rod hinge about $4 , screws about $2, mirror about $30 plus paint and some filler, so that you can not recognize the wood connections.

The folding mirror is designed so that the front frame reaches over the rear. This gives the impression of a single frame.

make secret compartments in furniture

Sketch of the mirror hideout with dimensions.

make secret compartments in furniture

The 1 cm wide bar hinge (also called piano band) is applied flush to the edge. The mirror frame reaches over the basic frame.

make secret compartments in furniture

The pine wood strips with dimensions of 2.7 x 0.9 cm are connected to the L-shaped cross beams by means of wood glue and torque.

make secret compartments in furniture

Now the L crossbeams are connected to the frame strips. Since strips of a very small dimension were chosen, these connections should be both glued and screwed.

make secret compartments in furniture

The mirror is fixed by means of assembly force adhesive after everything has been painted. To do this, apply the glue to the frame, gently press the mirror and remove the sticky adhesive with a paper towel. The adhesive can also be cut off with the cut-off bar after curing.

make secret compartments in furniture

Mounting of the rod hinge.

Quick and easy compartments

The old tricks no longer work: in times of pretext installations in the bathroom, it has become increasingly difficult to store secret things in the flushing box of the toilet. These suggestions show that you don’t always have to be an accomplished do-it-yourselfer to get into secret subjects.

Here you will find three small ideas, for which you only need a hand saw and possibly a drill – nothing more! Another tip: Children are also happy when they have a hiding place for their treasures. Maybe there is something suitable for your children.

Picture frames with hidden uses

make secret compartments in furniture 1.jpg

An existing frame is fitted with a small wooden strip from the back. The bar is sawn precisely and fixed with a drop of glue. Valuables can then be hidden behind this bar.

Chair with secret storage

Even a simple chair can be equipped with a secret compartment in just a few simple steps. To do this, drill five small holes at a regular distance below the seat, screw in ring eyelets and hooks and pull in the elastic band (construction market) and knot.

Drawer with double bottom

make secret compartments in furniture 1.jpg

Simply place two wooden strips cut to drawer length on the drawer floor, then the valuables and on top of it a cover plate, which should have the same color as the real bottom. You can get the pickled floor out of the sanitary department of the hardware store with suction hooks (rubber suction cups with towel hooks).

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gerhardt-richter Gerhardt Richter is a writer and a trainer at trade technical colleges, specializing in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics and construction.

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