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How to make pom-pom sandals: expert method and tips

Image via: Pexels

You have been waiting for this DIY for a long time! Pompom sandals are a hot summer trend. It is best not to spend your money to buy them, but to design and make pom-pom sandals according to your own style, so you can make something individual. This way, you have a pair that nobody else has!

Make pom-pom sandals: you need:

  • Gladiator sandals with laces
  • various pompoms
  • a thin ribbon
  • small bells
  • needle & thread
  • hot glue gun or strong contact cement

Make pom-pom sandals: the shoes

First of all, you have to find the right sandals. Therefore, think from the beginning about how your shoe should ultimately look like. Depending on that you have to resort to a specific model. 

If the lacing is not fixed, that is usually impossible to work with. So I went in search of gladiator sandals with a zipper up the back and fixed lacing at the frong. This model has the advantage that there are more ways to attach the pompoms. 

The pompoms:

You can play with the sizes and make the pompom sandals to your heart’s content. You can also add tassels, bells, tiny toys or anything else attractive or cute that takes your fancy!


I glued the pompoms from the bottom up. To cover the leather completely, I used the pompoms with the diameter of 20mm. After I finished up to the top, I let the sandals dry briefly. 

In the next step, I cut the tape and also glued it on. The lower end should not fray, because you would see that. That’s why I dipped the end briefly in the glue. Fortunately, the other end disappears under the pompom. So far so good: Now it’s up to the little bell: These I have fixed with a nylon thread, tying it securely.