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How to make money with Amazon: 6 strategies to earn with

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This guide outlines six ways you can make money with Amazon and increase your overall earnings.

Whether you like Jeff Bezos or not, Amazon is one of the largest online eCommerce platforms in the world, with a global net worth of around $1.10 trillion in 2022. This is great news for budding entrepreneurs because there are plenty of ways to increase income and make money with Amazon – continue reading to find out how.

6 ways to make money with Amazon

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most prominent methods to make money with Amazon comes in the shape of the popular Amazon affiliate program. If you have a blog or website online with considerable reach, you can start using the affiliate program to start monetizing your content.

The concept is simple, and all you need to do is recommend Amazon products to your audience. When an affiliate link is clicked and it leads to a purchase, you will receive a commission, which is typically between 4% and 10% of the total purchase.

Amazon Merch

The Amazon Merch platform is a great way for digital artists to get in on the action and make money with Amazon. To succeed on the merch platform, you don’t need to be Banksy, you just need to keep updated on current trends and create great merch.

Amazon will take care of everything from printing to shipping, and you won’t need to pay for it. The process is as simple as creating an account, uploading designs, and writing a brief description. For every piece of merch sold, you gain a royalty, which will boost your income.

Amazon Handmade

Etsy is all the rage right now because it lets handmade retailers sell their products on the cheap, but they aren’t the only eCommerce site providing this opportunity. Amazon Handmade provides retailers with a custom URL, which makes being found easy. Whether you’re selling handmade art, accessories, jewelry, or other products, you can sell through the platform to make money with Amazon and only pay out 15% of your revenue.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Having a great product and audience is great for a small business, but it can often be too costly to store and ship in-house as well, which is where Fulfillment by Amazon comes in as a way to make money with Amazon. When you join this great program, you send your products to Amazon, where they keep them in a warehouse for you. Once a sale has been made, Amazon will ship for you and take care of all the customer service. The cost of the service is relatively low and is charged by units.

Kindle Direct Publishing

The Amazon Kindle is a great product that lets people read their favorite books on the go, without needing to carry around a weighty book. As well as stocking traditional books, the Kindle Direct Publishing program lets authors release their work without the need for pitching it to a traditional publishing house.

When you’ve made your sales, you will receive 70%, which is great considering the ease of use as a strategy to make money with Amazon. As well as having your book on a digital platform, you can get your hands on hard copies as well – the perks just keep adding up.

Sell Services

There are more ways to make money with Amazon than selling physical products and advertising. If your business provides a service, you can use this service to eliminate start-up costs and find customers to connect with. You will need to make sure that you’ve got business insurance at a value of $1 million. The amount of money you make selling your service will relate to how much Amazon fulfills for you.


Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world, which positions it perfectly for helping other businesses. There are plenty of initiatives for budding entrepreneurs to benefit from, and those discussed above are only a small selection.