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How to make money online or offline: 7 easy methods to boost your income

make money online or offline

And we don’t mean Monopoly money! In today’s world, there can be many sources of real income for you. Besides a permanent job, there are other ways to make money as well. Using the current technologies and your skills, you can follow these strategies to make money online or offline and in the real world.

How to make money online or offline

Selling Your Old Garments

Sometimes, you buy a dress but rarely use it because of not fitting into the perfect size, having unwanted colors, or looking different in reality than the site from where you bought it. There can be other reasons that can build a load of clothes in your wardrobe that are as good as new or gently used, but you do not need them any longer.

You can keep your closet clean and sell these clothes. Starting with local shops is a better beginning option. Then, you can apply for apps like Thredup that shall help you sell products by finding suitable buyers. It would help if you made sure to click appropriate pictures of the clothes in good lighting while selling them.

Making Customised Products

You can start your own business by selling your products. You can sell merchandise like handmade crafts, paintings, and utility products online or offline. Opting for handcrafted products like pen stands, pencil boxes, jewelry, ashtrays, etc., with suitable materials is also an option.

If you have skills and talent, you can create customized products like mobile covers, custom jackets, T-shirts, diaries, and so on. If you know how to paint using unique styles, your work can get famous and sold quickly because of its individuality. After making them, you can sell them on online sites or to local shops, you know. This can be a handy way of income. 

Selling Old Electronic Products

Several sites help you sell second-hand gadgets and digital devices. Swappa, Gazelle, etc., are some of the places where you can sell your old phones, iPods, computers, and so on. You can also check for Amazon’s Trade-in system or eBay. These sites also help you to make money selling your machines.

Driving for Transportation Apps

If you know how to drive, you can make easy money by driving people from their location to their destination. Apps like Uber and Lyft let you apply for driving under their services. The demand for such services is pretty high because people want to save money by not using their own cars.

You need to have a car and allow them to check your profile and your driving history. Using an insured car is better for these jobs. If you own an insured vehicle, you can quickly apply for this job. This is how you can make money by driving people from place to place.

Making Home Deliveries

Another significant opportunity is to do home deliveries. You can take advantage of the growing trend of taking deliveries, especially in the current pandemic scenario, and sign up for the post of a delivery person. Apps like Amazon, Uber Eats, Instacart, Postmates, and many more let you deliver items to people.

In most situations, you shall get paid per delivery, and you can also earn tips from the job. It is not necessary to always own a car, and you can do the job using a motorcycle or a scooter. This job needs you to allow them to do a background check before joining. After that, you will be able to work as a delivery person.

Becoming a Dog Sitter or Walker

If you love dogs and are looking for a new source of income, this option could be one of the best for you. You can make easy money by signing up to be a dog walker or a dog sitter. Many people go to work leaving their pets at home who need regular care. You can do that job for them and get paid.

Apps such as Wag, Rover help you to work in this position. If you have enough space and permission, you can also apply for overnight boarding of dogs. You can easily take part in this service and help people while helping yourself as well.


If you are good with babies, this can be an open opportunity for you. You can sign up as a babysitter and get paid for every sitting. If you get a good name as a babysitter, there shall be many contacts that hire you.

Final Words

In the current situation, you can make money online or offline. These are some of the tips you can apply to make money. Hopefully, these tips will help you find a way to improve your financial situation.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels