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How to make an essential oil reed diffuser

essential oil reed diffuser

In a room with a pleasant fragrance, you just feel much more relaxed and comfortable. That’s why today we show you how you can easily make your own personal essential oil reed diffuser!

You don’t need to keep buying the expensive ones in the stores. All you are really paying for is a few cents worth of essential oils, in any case. The rest is just a pretty jar, bottle or vase and some sticks. We’ve tried both thin and thick shashlick sticks, and also some interesting dried twigs from the garden. They all work equally as well as the store bought kits. The bonus is that you get to create your own personal fragrance.

All you need is:

  • a glass vessel (with lid for mixing)
  • glass bottle, jar or vase to become the diffuser vessel
  • about 100 ml of distilled water
  • about 20 ml of alcohol, high percentage (best over 50%)
  • a few drops of essential oil
  • a few shashlik or satay sticks, or dried twigs
essential oil reed diffuser

Here’s how it works:

First, you mix the alcohol with the distilled water in your vessel. Then add a few drops of essential oil to your choice. Of course, you can let your creativity run wild here and test different fragrance variants. We chose orange, but essential oils are available in many different varieties. Try lavender, rosemary or peppermint, depending on your taste.

A small tip: If you are very keen to experiment, you can also combine several fragrances or add fresh herbs, as well as dried fruits to your oil.

You can also vary in the amount of oil you like. If you are very sensitive to odour or your oil is particularly intense, you should use only a few drops. For orientation: We used about 10 drops in an intense fragrance oil.

In order to mix the oil with the alcohol and the water in the best possible way, you should shake the mixture vigorously, it is therefore recommended to use a container with lid.

At the very end, you put your shashlik sticks in your vessel so that the smell spreads well in the room – and the homemade essential oil reed diffuser is finished!

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