How to make a small bedroom look bigger

make a small bedroom look bigger

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Small bedrooms can seem cramped and uncomfortable. The room often looks dark and uncomfortable. But you can do something about it. Our tips will help you make a small bedroom look bigger.

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No apartment is perfect

Balcony, terrace, spacious living room and a bright and friendly bathroom – the dream of a wonderful apartment. Unfortunately, there is always a room somewhere that has become too small. If it’s not the bathroom without a window, then it’s often the bedroom that’s gotten too small. Unfortunately, you can’t have everything. With a few little tricks and the right furnishings, you can turn your small bedroom into a cozy sleeping oasis. And let’s be honest: such a small little room can be much more comfortable than a large barn-sized room.

8 ways to make a small bedroom look bigger

The bedroom is the room we enter in the evening after a hard day’s work. Here we want to rest and end the day. That is why it is particularly important that it is always tidy here. If you fall into bed in the evening, you should fall asleep with a good feeling. Even if it is difficult to keep orderin a small bedroom, with the right tricks the room can be used optimally and you can make a small bedroom look bigger.

Tip 1: The right bed size

Sure, a 2.00 meter x 2.00 meter bed is a dream of many couples. But if the bedroom is very small, you should do without it. The bed should be as small as possible. For a single household, a single bed is sufficient. For couples it can be a little bigger: 1.40 meters x 2.00 meters is optimal, but 1.60 meters x 2.00 meters is still fine. However, you should not choose your bed any larger. Also ideal are sofa beds. They have the big drawback that they have to be converted every morning and evening, but at least during the day they offer you more space in your bedroom.

Tip: The fronts should be in high gloss, as they reflect the light and thus make the room appear larger.

Tip 2: Furniture at eye level

In large wardrobes fits a lot in, but for a small bedroom they are rather unsuitable. They are the instant eye-catcher when you enter the room and often seem completely overloaded. Much better to make a small bedroom look bigger are dressers that are on an equal footing. Two chests of drawers next to each other look much more harmonious than a huge wardrobe and offer at least as much storage space. 

If you prefer a large and spacious wardrobe, you should make sure that the wardrobe fills the entire wall width and appears in bright and modern shades when purchasing.

Tip 3: Integrated storage space

The more storage space you have, the better. But where is it supposed to come from in such a small room? We’ll tell you! Many beds have small compartments where you can put baskets in. But bed boxes are also an ideal solution to accommodate winter clothes or other things that are rarely needed, when you want to make a small bedroom look bigger. Photo boxes or other memorabilia from the last holiday can also find their place there.

Tip 4: Use wall lights

Many may not believe it, but the light is also responsible for how a space acts outwards. If the light comes directly from the ceiling, the room appears smaller. Wall lights are much better. These create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere and on the other hand make the room appear up to 30 percent larger.

Tip 5: Color works wonders

If you want to create spaciousness, you should definitely do without dark wall paint.These make the room appear smaller and darker. However, you want to create brightness. If you absolutely want to swipe, you should choose bright colors such as yellow, eggshell, pink or light blue. In addition, you should limit yourself to only one colored wall in small rooms.

Tip 6: Use mirror surfaces

A mirror in the bedroom is not only handy to check your outfit every day, but also to achieve targeted effects. This allows you to use a mirror front to make the room look brighter and larger. But here it depends exactly where the mirror is placed.

Tip 7: Beware of accessories

Accessories in the living room loosen up and make your own four walls really homely. But especially in a small room, a tiny decoration item can be too much of a good thing. Sometimes less is just more. You should also pay attention to the color choice here.

Don’t create too many contrasts: always stick to monochrome decorative items.

Tip 8: Weedouts instead of storing

Not a great setup tip, but it’s always useful. Whether it’s a big apartment or not, over the years you’ve been rubbished with a lot of rubbish. Here you should get a lot of time. Who knows, you might find some more treasures that will add an extra money to your wallet.