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How to make a ginger shot recipe

make a ginger shot recipe

What is the best way to make a ginger shot recipe at home? Our guide gives you the money-saving recipe and the reasons a ginger shot is good for you.

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Ginger tea with lemon and honey strengthens the immune system and also tastes delicious. The ginger-shot is even more effective – a true vitamin bomb.

The use of ginger shots is still quite new. The shot has its origin in the USA and has developed into a strong health trend.  On the whole, the drink consists of only three components: ginger, lemon and honey. Each of these ingredients is known for its antibacterial and immune-enhancing substances and is one of the classics for fighting colds and preventing them.

The energy booster has even made it to the supermarkets and can often be found under the name “Ginger Shot”. However, a small bottle can cost a lot, so it is very economical to make a ginger shot recipe.

What do ginger shots do?

The hot drink has a thoroughly positive effect on your well-being. The mixture with fresh ginger ensures a good sharpness in the mouth and can also make you sweat – but it is well worth the effort. Due to the essential oils and the effect of these, the bacteria are spotted. Furthermore, the blood circulation is stimulated and the digestion also benefits from the effect of the ginger.

The brownish root contains a lot of health-promoting and strengthening ingredients:

Important ingredientsContained in 100 g of ginger
sodium13 mg
potassium415 mg
calcium16 mg
vitamin C5 mg
iron0.6 mg
magnesium43 mg

These are all substances that are necessary for a strong immune system. No wonder that ginger makes the body more resistant to runny nose and flu viruses. The active ingredient gingerol also has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. Contained flavonoids have an antioxidant effect.

However, ginger shots are not only a secret weapon against colds, they also have other positive influences on the body. They promote digestion and blood circulation due to the ginger and have an antibacterial and muscle relaxing effect. The sharpness of the ginger also stimulates the body’s own heat receptors. This leads to an increased production of sweat, so that the disease germs are washed out of the body faster due to this effect. The immune system is also supported by the remaining germicidal ingredients in the root.

Be careful with a sensitive stomach

The health-promoting effects of the ingredients in ginger and ginger shots cannot be denied. For people who like to eat spicy food, the ginger shot is not a real challenge. Even the curious and people who use natural medicine like to face the initial sharpness.

Anyone who has to deal with stomach problems or generally has a sensitive stomach should be careful when taking a ginger shot. Large amounts of this sharpness may not be tolerated. To prevent heartburn, a little something could be eaten before taking a shot.

Tip: If you are unsure, you can consult your doctor.

Benefits of ginger shots

It doesn’t take a lot of science and dexterity to manufacture the vitamin and immune system booster. This drink is prepared quickly and easily. It also shows a number of positive effects on the body, which have been considered in detail in advance:

• Promotion of the immune system
• Germicidal effect
• Supply of vitamins and minerals
• Promotion of blood circulation and digestion
• Increased sweat production
• Muscle relaxing effect

The drink can also be kept in the fridge for several days so that a small shot can be used every day. If you want to live longer, you can make small ginger-shot ice cubes – just pour them into an ice cube mold and freeze them.

Morning dazeshould also benefit from a good morning shot of ginger. In addition to its healthy properties, it is even said to be a stronger pick-me-up than coffee . You can try it out for yourself.

Is the ginger shot better than ginger tea?

Even the ginger tea is said to have good properties. It is designed to support the human body and equip it against the enemies of the immune system. Antioxidants are also supplied to the body here. Ginger tea is considered nationwide and beyond as an ideal hot drink and pick-me-up in the cold seasons.

However, the ginger shot has a decisive advantage over tea. The shot is always prepared and consumed cold. This way all important substances are kept. When brewing the ginger tea, however, some ingredients are lost, especially the vitamin C from the tuber. If you don’t want to do without it, you’re better off with the ginger shot.

Make a ginger shot recipe

The ginger shots from the supermarket are not necessarily the cheapest drinks. But why buy when you can just take the shot yourself? The ingredients are quickly taken care of and any amount can be made. The recipe below shows how to do it.

➩ Ingredients:
• 100 g ginger
• 3 ripe and peeled lemons
• honey or agave syrup

➩ Aids:
• Juicer or blender


❶ The entire amount of ginger is placed in a blender or juicer. The ginger bulb does not have to be peeled, but can be used together with the shell.

❷ The peeled lemons will be added. Removing the peel is beneficial to avoid bitter substances.

❸ Add agave syrup or honey as needed to add sweetness to the drink.

❹ Mix everything well so that a creamy drink is created.

❺ Then pour the juice into small bottles of 30 to 50 milliliters and close tightly.

❻ The bottles are kept in the refrigerator. The juice is stable for about a week.alternativeIf you want to achieve a bit of variety in taste, you can also use limes or oranges instead of lemons. Of course, the fruits can also be mixed together.

Medicinal effects of ginger: overestimated or justified?

With regard to the healing properties of certain products and foods such as ginger, it should be borne in mind that not every statement about the healing power is meaningful and scientifically proven. Some statements have yet to be confirmed – this can take years.

The anti-inflammatory and digestive effects of the root have long been known. Studies have also confirmed that ginger can also be successfully used against travel sickness, nausea and nausea and alleviates these symptoms.

In addition, some studies have shown that nausea occurs less during chemotherapy with ginger in combination with other chemical agents. However, further data must be collected for this. The same applies to nausea during pregnancy. According to a review in 2015, Danish researchers were able to alleviate osteoarthritis pain with ginger preparations. However, further research is also required in this area. A clear statement can therefore not yet be made.