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How to make a coffee face scrub

make a coffee face scrub

How do you make a coffee face scrub at home? Our guide gives you 3 great recipes and instructions, plus how to story grounds for future scrubs.

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The coffee grounds are always left over from the morning coffee – instead of throwing it away, you can turn it into a vitalizing and nourishing facial scrub! Unlike many scrubs for sale, the coffee scrub does not require harmful microplastics and otherwise consists only of natural ingredients.

You can find out how to make a face scrub yourself with coffee grounds – pure or with a few other ingredients. The caffeine contained in the coffee and the coffee grounds not only invigorates inwardly, but also has a stimulating effect on the skin. So the face shines even more.

The coffee grounds serve as exfoliating particles and help to scrub away dead skin flakes, and the circulation-promoting effect of caffeine helps to provide the skin with better nutrients. This makes the skin look fresher and firmer.

3 ways to make a coffee face scrub

Coffee face scrub: the simplest option

When the coffee grounds have cooled after the coffee has been prepared, it can be used immediately for a quick facial scrub. Mix in the hand a portion of coffee grounds with a little water and distribute the resulting paste in circular movements on the face.

The skin is massaged by the way, much more is not necessary with a quick peeling. Then wash the paste with lukewarm water and care for the face as usual.

Tip: What all the scrubs described here have in common is that they are best used twice a week, but not more often, so that the skin is not strained too much.

Facial scrub with coffee grounds and oil for rich care

If there is more time, a mask can be prepared with coffee grounds and a vegetable oil, which has a particularly intense effect if it can move in a little longer. This requires:

  • 6 tsp coffee grounds
  • 4 tbsp vegetable oil, matching your skin type
  • Time required: 20 minutes.

Here’s how the scrub is applied: Mix all ingredients. Process coffee grounds and oil into a spreadable paste. If it is too liquid, add a little coffee grounds, if it is too firm, add a little more oil.

Apply the paste to the face. Distribute the paste with circular movements on the facial skin. It is not necessary to rub heavily, because the coffee grounds remove effectively dead skin particles even without pressure. Allow the peeling to take effect for about ten minutes. Wash off the peeling and only dry the skin.

The coffee grounds peeling is easy to rinse with warm water. In order for the nourishing oil to continue to act, do not rub the skin dry, but only dull it. High-quality vegetable oils help to provide additional care in this mask, because they contain valuable ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and phenols, which also help to keep the skin healthy and to tighten it from the outside.

Peeling for the face: to pamper with honey

With a relaxing bath in the tub, the following mask can be applied wonderfully, which also serves as a mask. You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard anyway.

  • 4 tbsp coffee grounds
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp of a vegetable oil that matches your skin

To apply the mask: Mix all ingredients into a spreadable paste. Apply the paste with circular movements to the face and décolleté and leave to act for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and dry the skin gently. Honey has a disinfecting and soothing effect in this recipe. In this way, it gently supports the fading of pimples.

Storing coffee grounds for facial scrubs

If you drink coffee every day, you always have the main ingredient for a facial scrub at hand and can freshly touch the paste just before use. If you want to make the peeling on stock and also try a lip peeling with coffee grounds or an anti-cellulite peeling with the fun-making powder, use dried coffee grounds best to avoid mold formation.

To do this, spread the freshly brewed coffee grounds on a plate and let it dry in the air. Completely dried and bottled in an airtight sealable vessel such as a screwglass, it lasts for a very long time and can be used at any time.

Tip: Coffee grounds can not only be used perfectly in home-made cosmetics, but also do good services in the home and in the garden.

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