How to make a car interior look new again

make a car interior look new again

How can you make a car interior look new again? To ensure that the interior still looks like new after many years, you don’t have to be a professional – a few simple tricks sometimes work wonders.

In summer, UV radiation and heat tract fittings and leather. In winter, sealing rubbers have to put away cold and wet ness. The interior of a car has to endure a lot. 

Every time the doors are opened and closed, the rubber seals are squeezed and affected. In the interior, high humidity and sweat attack all materials over time. “If we don’t do anything, we can watch things like this get worse and worse,” says car maintenance specialist Andrew Egan.

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The right care to make a car interior look new again

Those who regularly look after the materials can make a car interior look new again and look forward to a new-looking car in five years’ time. Sealing rubbers on the doors should be cleaned and maintained by motorists in spring and autumn. “If it is new rubber seals, then easy cleaning is sufficient. If the seal is a little older, you can help with means such as glycerin or talc,” says Egan.

The first step to make a car interior look new again is to remove dirt from the rubbers with a simple household cleaner. The key is to neutralize the sharp cleaner with clear water. It is sufficient to rub carefully with a damp cloth. After that, you can apply the care product. “The better ones are silicone-free,” says Egan, “because silicones make rubber softer and then destroy after years.”

Sweat attacks leather

Leather only needs to be cared for from the second year, says Petzoldt. If you repeatedly touch the steering wheel in the same place with sweaty hands, it will eventually fail at this point or the paint will go off, he says. “When a leather seat becomes porous, it may tear,” says Egan. Sweat and sunscreen are often the culprits.

Egan recommends a care product that builds up a barrier. There are fat-free products that come from equestrian sports, he says. Bridles must be protected from horse sweat in the equestrian world, and these means can also be used in the car.

In between, clean plastic surfaces such as dashboards with mild soapy water and soft cloth. A plastic or cockpit cleaner can remove more heavy dirt. Cleaning on these surfaces is effectively supported and improved by soft microfiber cloths, explains Egan. “Soft wipes to avoid fine scratches and traces on sensitive surfaces such as navigation displays.”

When the rubber can no longer be saved

When the rubber becomes porous, water can penetrate. In winter it can freeze and you may not get the door open in the morning. In the worst case, wetness can come into the car due to cracks and attack the interior materials. “When you hear louder wind noises or drip it in, the rubber is really broken,” Egan says. He advises replacing the rubber as soon as it is torn.