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How to make a cactus terrarium easily

make a cactus terrarium easily

You want to bring some greenery to your apartment? You want something homemade, extraordinary and easy to care for — but don’t have space for a proper garden? Here you will learn how to make a cactus terrarium easily.

Make a cactus terrarium easily: the steps

For your little desert in the glass you need the following materials, which can be found in every hardware store:

  • Glass vessel
  • Sand
  • Cactus or succulents according to personal preferences
  • Any further decoration

First, the plant is carefully pulled out of the existing pot. Depending on the size and height of the glass vessel, it is then placed in the vessel with some available soil. When choosing the glass vessel, make sure that it is truly transparent and offers enough space for plants and roots.

Now for the desert effect and the necessary stability, the vessel is evenly filled with sand. Make sure that the roots are completely covered with soil and sand. Use so much sand until the desired filling level is reached in the glass. Make sure that there are no roots on the vessel from the outside.

Let your imagination run wild

Depending on the size, different sized cacti of the same variety can also be planted in a vessel or other suitable decorative items can be added. There are no limits to the imagination – even a camel made of plastic or another small desert animal are conceivable.

Since cacti and succulents are very temperature-insensitive, the decorated vessel can be flexibly placed in the apartment. In order to increase the lifetime of this special decoration, the plant should be watered regularly. However, it is important not to water too much and too often. This damages plants of this kind because cacti are from environments that are generally arid. Overwatering can kill them — and leads to unattractively clumped sand.

Did this special plant decoration inspire you? Discover your green thumb and get to work yourself!