How to lose weight quickly – and safely

lose weight quickly

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What is the best way to lose weight quickly but still safely? For the best result, we outline the 8 key strategies for healthy, fast weight loss, and what not to do.

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Most of us have probably wondered how to lose weight quickly. The problem: crash diets usually have the yo-yo effect. We reveal how you can lose weight quickly but permanently. In order for your diet to be successful, you need one thing above all: a strong will. There will always be moments when you just throw everything in and want to stuff the bag of chips or the bar of chocolate into you. But: hold off!

At that moment, think about why you want to lose weight quickly. This helps. And if you then stick to the following points, we promise you that you will lose weight quickly and safely!

1. Change your diet to lose weight quickly

The most important aspect if you want to lose weight is a healthy, balanced diet. You don’t have to count calories, but you need to know what you eat. In a nutshell, this can be summarized as follows: Eat your fill of fruit and especially vegetables. Vegetables in particular have hardly any calories and are the best friend of all those who are looking for an answer to the question “How can I lose weight quickly”.display

In addition, you should eat whole grain foods and low-fat dairy products several times a day. Lean meat and fish can be served several times a week.

You should only enjoy small amounts of calorie bombs like fast food, ready meals, sweets, cakes or chips. Get into the habit of eating consciously. Not out of habit to end up in the café with every stroll through the city and eat a large portion of cake there, even though you are not hungry at all. Try to cook fresh as often as possible. This will save you a lot of calories.

2. Eat fully at meals

To avoid suffering from cravings, you should eat three meals a day. After these meals, you should be satisfied and get up from the table with a good feeling. In order for you to succeed, you should get into the habit of eating low-calorie foods. So a large portion of vegetables, plus a small portion of pasta and meat.

Take your time for meals. People often eat on the side. The brain hardly registers this and you are hungry again faster and have an appetite.

3. No simple carbohydrates in the evening

Low carb is still the number one trend diet. You do not have to strictly ban all carbohydrates. It is enough if you largely do without simple carbohydrates, such as those found in white bread, cakes, chips, fast food or sweets. There is nothing wrong with wholemeal bread or wholemeal pasta.

So that fat burning can run at full speed at night, you should hold back a bit in the evening when it comes to carbohydrates. Eat a slice of whole grain bread, but combine it with salad , cheese or other dairy products. Try not to eat carbohydrates after 8 p.m. You should refrain from eating sweets or chips in the evening if possible.

4. Drink only water and unsweetened tea

It is often underestimated how many calories drinks can have. Do you often drink sweetened tea, lemonades or juice? There is a good 100 kcal and some sugar in a 200 ml glass of juice. Extrapolated to two or three glasses makes up half a bar of chocolate. Alcohol also contains some calories. If you want to lose weight successfully, you should only drink a glass on special occasions.

Water or unsweetened fruit or herbal tea has no calories at all. Get used to quench your thirst. Tip: If pure water is too boring for you, pimp it with fruit slices, cucumber slices, lemon or herbs such as mint or basil.

By the way: You should also rarely drink light drinks sweetened with sweeteners. They contain no calories, but studies show that they fuel cravings — and that the sweeteners themselves are bad for us.

5. Take ‘food breaks’ to lose weight quickly

If you snack often in between, you will ingest more calories throughout the day. However, there is another reason why you shouldn’t eat all the time: In order for your body to burn fat, it also needs food breaks. Therefore, do not eat anything between the main meals. If you are often hungry in the morning or in the afternoon, you can have a snack. For example, a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks or low-fat yogurt.

6. Don’t ban foods

No chocolate, never again fast food and just vegetables: don’t make such crazy resolutions. Even if you want to lose weight, it does not mean that food is prohibited. Bans only favor cravings. You can eat all food. The chocolate calorie bomb is also allowed. So that the pounds melt, you should restrict it with one or two pieces and put the rest of the block away — but don’t forbid yourself to have the foods you love.

7. Exercise and tone your body

A lot of calories are burned during exercise. Regular exercise should therefore be part of the answer to the question “How can I lose weight quickly”. Find an endurance sport that you enjoy – regardless of whether it’s walking, swimming, cycling, using gym equipment or Zumba. Try to find 45 minutes three times a week. So you burn some calories and lose weight faster.

8. Focus on the psyche

Healthy eating and exercise are important for losing weight. In order for you to reach your goal, you also have to find out why you just can’t stop eating sometimes. Is boredom the trigger? Or is there stress behind it? Pay particular attention to when you resort to the sin of your choice. Do you know what triggers the appetite, then you can do something about it.

The psyche plays a not insignificant role when it comes to losing weight. The more satisfied you are with yourself, the easier it will be for you to lose weight. So instead of the question “how do I lose weight quickly?” to ask again and again, you should assume the current state for the moment and then tackle the change holistically. Gradually makes exercise and a healthy diet a solid and completely natural part of your everyday life. This way you will get fitter, healthier and, incidentally, permanently slim.

4 reasons you are not losing weight

You want to lose weight, you have reduced your calorie intake and you exercise. Nevertheless, nothing happens on the scales and you ask yourself: “Why don’t I lose weight?” There are many reasons.

It went so well with the new diet. The first pounds tumbled in no time. But then the standstill. Nothing changes, the scales stand still. Even worse: the number is rising again. Panic spreads. You follow the diet well, but nothing changes. What am I doing wrong? Why am i not losing weight? Here are four possible reasons why you are not losing weight.

1. The Scales Obsession

In the first few weeks of a diet, the pounds may actually tumble. However, many people who lose weight eventually reach the point where nothing is happening on the scales. Even though they pay attention to their diet and exercise. These people often miss the fact that they are building muscles — and muscles weigh more than fat!.

Do not try to concentrate solely on the number on the scales, but also use a measuring tape and regularly measure your waist, bottom and thigh circumference.

2. The Diet Diary

Do you really know what you eat? Do you stick to a nutritional plan or do you do it on your own so pi times thumbs up? It is extremely important that you are aware of what you eat. There is research that suggests that people who photograph their meals before eating are more aware of what and how much they eat. Of course, you can also use the many food pictures for your Intsgram feed. Superficially, they even help you lose weight.

If you don’t feel like taking photos, you can also try it in the classic way with a food diary, digital or analog. There is also a study that shows that people who note their eating habits can lose weight more successfully. There are some great apps that make it easy to track your food and fitness, telling you not only the calories / kilojoules you are eating and burning up, but the nutritional intake as well.

Don’t check your weight loss success every day. In the beginning, to get to know your body and also to recognize cycle-related fluctuations, you can measure yourself once a week. Then reduce to once a month. Write down your measurement results in a training diary or calendar.

Lose weight in the long term by changing your diet

Losing weight long-term & healthy works best with a change in diet. To make it easier for you, a nutritional plan is particularly practical. Here you can create your individual nutrition plan at gofit with gofeminin , answer the questionnaire and off you go!

3. The hormones

Women temporarily store water for hormonal reasons. And this does not mean swollen legs, which can be seen at a glance as heavy water retention. No, water retention can also occur to a lesser extent and is then hardly noticeable. However, these can make themselves felt on the scales.

4. The training

The type of training you do can have a major impact on your weight loss success. That your body gets used to certain movement patterns and training units is not so unlikely. Therefore, always try to bring enough variety into your fitness routine, then it will work with the steady muscle building.

Alternate between cardio and strength training. With cardio training you can empty your carbohydrate stores and with strength training you build up your muscles. Off to the gymnastics mat and get started!

Ask yourself, why do I have to lose weight? Is it necessary for health reasons? Then of course it makes sense, health is our greatest asset. Get help from your doctor or a dietitian if you have difficulty.